Nyborg has been engineering, developing and manufacturing offshore air-handling equipment since 1947. Our product portfolio includes axial and centrifugal fans; explosion-proof fans; fixed and portable gas-freeing fans for hazardous areas; dampers and cowls; weather louvers / mist eliminators; silencers; and tailor-made air-handling equipment for the marine and offshore markets. Air-handling equipment for offshore vessels and tankers We provide air-handling equipment for a range of offshore vessels and tankers, including: Offshore oil / gas rigs, FPSOs and drillships Offshore vessels LNG, LPG, CUT and shuttle tankers Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax and car-carrier vessels Air-handling equipment for rigs, FPSOs and drillships Our air-handling equipment for rigs, FPSOs and drillships includes mechanical ventilation equipment for drilling modules, mud modules, utility areas and driller cabins, and integrated custom-built HVAC equipment (air-handling units, fans and efficiency air supply). All equipment is designed in a high-quality finish, and made of materials such as acid-proof steel (AISI 316). Blower skids and cooling fans for draw-work motors Our blower skids and cooling fans for draw-work motors are comprised of the following main components: Base frame Duty / standby fans Two PC inlet chambers C/W droplet separators Pre-filters / coalescers Sound attenuator (optional) Plenum chambers Skid fans for driller cabins Our skid fans for driller cabins are comprised of a base frame, duty / standby fans, an intake chamber, a C/W droplet separator, an EU 7 filter, facilities for gas detectors, a plenum chamber, and a C/W integrated turn-over damper. Skid fans for mud modules Our skid fans for mud modules are comprised of duty / standby fans, an intake chamber and a C/W shut-off damper. Axial fans for cargo rooms and engine rooms The typical application for our axial fans is mechanical ventilation for cargo rooms and engine rooms. Centrifugal fans for offshore vessels Centrifugal fans for offshore vessels are classified into three main groups: low, medium and high-pressure equipment. Their applications are diverse, and they have air capacities from 100m³/hr to 100,000m³/hr. Ex-proof fans for hazardous areas Typical applications for our Ex-proof fans for hazardous areas are mechanical ventilation and extraction in the cargo areas of hazardous zones and rooms on-board ships. They have duct-top, above-deck mounting. Portable gas-freeing fans The MPV - A1EGSX portable gas-freeing fan is used for mechanical ventilation of hazardous zones and cargo tanks on-board ships. It is available in diameters from 350mm to 450mm, offering a capacity of 3,000m³/h to 13,000m³/h of free air. Rectangular, parallel-blade dampers for offshore vessels We provide rectangular, parallel-blade dampers for mounting on bulkheads, which can be used for air volume control or as a shut-off damper. Damper blades and shafts are made of AISI 316L. The SSVen-FS model is also equipped with a fixed, single louver in front. Manually or automatically operated, and pneumatic or electric-controlled, these dampers are available in different sizes. Weather louvers and mist eliminators Our rectangular, high-efficiency droplet separators for mounting on bulkheads are made of high-tensile aluminium alloy and are salt resistant. The mist eliminator louver is equipped with or without a hinged hatch with neoprene gasket and lock bolts with eye nuts. They are top, bottom or side-hinged, and available in different sizes. Heavy-duty silencers for marine applications Our heavy-duty, circular, high-efficiency silencers are available with or without a core, for flange connections where extra damping is necessary. Available in diameters from 400mm-1,600mm, and lengths from 400mm to 3,200mm, they can be mounted directly to axial fans or in a duct. Offshore vessel ventilation services Our ventilation services for offshore vessels can be used in: Engine rooms Generator rooms Thruster rooms Cargo pump rooms Propulsion rooms Store rooms Welding workshops Galleys Louvers, filters, mist eliminators and dampers With the large and well-known Polish fan manufacturer Mawent having been recently incorporated into the Nyborg Group, we can now complete larger projects.

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