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Newpoint Gas Services - Single source solutions for any gas treating application
At Newpoint Gas, Inc., we have experience in all areas of natural gas treating. This experience allows us to offer producers solutions for their natural gas needs. Our experience includes equipment installation with startup support and training. Newpoint also provides contract treating services in which we furnish all equipment and operations, at Newpoint's expense, that is required to meet sales gas specifications.

Arsenic Treating and Removal: Newpoint has been involved in the removal of organic arsenic from natural gas since 1988 and treated over 750 BCF. Newpoint utilizes its ARSIGUARDTM system for proven, cost effective arsenic removal.

Amine Treating: Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are the most common contaminants found in natural gas and Newpoint's patented amine unit design are utilized for their removal.

Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA): There are vast reserves in the United States contaminated with Nitrogen (N2). We consider Newpoint's Z-PSATM to be the most economical Nitrogen Rejection process available.

Oxygen (O2) Removal: Gas streams contaminated with oxygen are becoming more common as low pressure fields are economical to operate. Newpoint designed and patented its X-O2 TM process, the only efficient system on the market to remove oxygen in concentrations from 10 PPM (0.001%) to 50,000 PPM (5.0%).

Helium Purification: As the value of helium continues to rise with its increasing demand, helium purification will increase as well. At the time the system was commissioned, Newpoint was the only company to bring in a new helium source in the United Stated since 1994.

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