Mechanical Cooling Maintenance


Mechanical Cooling Maintenance (MCM) is a specialist air conditioning and refrigeration installation and maintenance company dedicated to the HVAC industry as well as industrial and marine offshore oil markets. MCM was set up to provide a single-source responsibility with the in-house resources to provide these services. Refrigeration and air conditioning system maintenance services MCM is able to perform service and repair to all refrigeration and air conditioning systems, including Carrier, York, Daikin, Trane and other commercial brands, as well as all types of refrigerant and Ammonia systems. Offshore air conditioning and refrigeration systems MCM is an applied partner for the Honeywell range of products in the Western Cape, South Africa. We can offer fully engineered and installed systems or supply from the following list of components and systems: Honeywell building automation systems Honeywell enterprise building integrator - HVAC, CCTV, life and safety fire, and asset protection Honeywell frequency converters (speed drives) Honeywell valves Honeywell actuators Honeywell sensors Honeywell thermostats LON field devices Flica refrigeration products Our specialised staff working offshore on marine and oil rig installations are all fully certified for offshore survival, inclusive fire fighting, first aid and HUET. MCM has performed many such upgrades whilst keeping plant and equipment running, thus keeping air conditioning disruption to a minimum during these projects. Offshore air conditioning and refrigeration system refurbishment and upgrades MCM specialises in air conditioning and refrigeration system refurbishment and upgrades, and has the resources to provide these services. For more information on our successfully completed offshore air conditioning and refrigeration system upgrades, please contact us. Offshore HVAC maintenance services MCM utilises a successful single-source responsibility approach to building HVAC maintenance. We offer the following services: Planned preventative maintenance on all makes of air conditioning equipment and ancillary equipment, specialising in building mechanical services and marine applications Compressor rebuilds - centrifugal, screw technology and reciprocating machines (Carrier, Trane, York, Hitachi, Daikin, Copeland, etc.) Marine and industrial refrigeration Duct cleaning of marine and offshore rigs BMS and controls system maintenance Electronic analogue control systems Pneumatic control systems Offshore HVAC system installation services MCM offers a range of installation services for offshore HVAC systems, including: Central system-type air conditioning plant installation and refurbishment Unitary and spit-type air conditioning unit installations Variable volume refrigerant flow systems Chilled, condenser and steam pipe installations and insulation Medium-steel Schedule40, schedule 80, stainless-steel systems Sheet metal duct installations and insulation Electrical panel and field wiring installation Building automation and control system installations Energy management and measuring equipment installation Air conditioning and control system automating and optimising MCM considers service delivery and accountability in line with engineering excellence to be of paramount importance. Utilising our knowledge and expertise, we are able to effectively manage and control electricity consumption, resulting in cost savings by automating and optimising air conditioning and control systems. Our staff have been provided with specialist equipment product training and cross product training to ensure a high level of service support.

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