Measurement Technology Northwest


Measurement Technology NW (MTNW) designs and manufactures sophisticated cable measurement and instrumentation systems often used in offshore mooring monitoring applications.

Since 1986 we have provided mechanical, electrical, and software engineering services to several diverse industries.

MTNW?s Line Control Instruments division designs and manufactures mooring solutions which include site consultation, equipment selection, and manufacturing of rugged, multi-channel control instrumentation equipment used for mooring, equipment deployment, barge positioning, towing and ship assist activities, dredging, and wherever accurate and reliable line control is required.

MTNW has over 20 years of experience as an instrumentation system provider, and has earned both UL and CE certification for its LCI product line.

MTNW's direct product line includes displays rated for on-deck, all weather, hazardous environments and running line tensiometers (tension meters) or dynamometers for determining cable tension, speed, and payout.

Additional information and related project experience can be found on the MTNW company website:

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