MBA Petroleum Consultants


MBA Petroleum Consultants provides specialist geotechnical services to the petroleum, coal-seam gas and greenhouse-gas storage industries. MBA’s capabilities encompass most facets of resource exploration and development, including conventional oil and gas, coal-seam gas and carbon-dioxide storage solutions. With dedicated full-time staff, and expert associates and consultants, we believe we can accept any challenge.
Reports and valuations for coal-seam gas exploration and development
MBA has written more than 20 independent expert reports (IER) and ten valuations in the past two years, including coal-seam gas (CSG) exploration/development and conventional exploration/development assets. CSG is also known as coal bed methane (CBM) and coal seam methane (CSM).
CSG reports for exploration and production assets
MBA assists new floats with applications for acreage and ongoing exploration for conventional oil and gas and CSG, as well as the auditing of conventional and CSG field reserves.
MBA’s CSG reports have covered all of the major CSG plays in Queensland and Australia, and have included exploration and production assets. The formations reviewed include the Jurassic Walloon coal measures (CM), the Permian Bandanna Formation/Rangal CM and the Permian Moranbah CM.
Conventional oil and gas reports
MBA offers conventional oil and gas reports that focus on onshore and offshore areas, and has experience in writing reports for Bass Straight and Otway in Australia, South-East Asia and Europe. 
The oil and gas reports have been provided for inclusion in documents submitted or intended for submission to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), the AIM London Stock Exchange and the Oslo Stock Exchange, which describe and value oil and gas assets in parts of the world other than Australia.
Geotechnical services
MBA provides the technical expertise for the following:

Geological interpretation and mapping
Resource and reserve assessment
Prospect evaluation
Farmins / farmouts
Joint venture representation
Government reporting
Independent expert reports
Oil and gas exploration/development

Seismic acquisition and processing services
MBA provides 2D and 3D seismic acquisition, processing, interpretation and mapping, depth conversion and prospect development services.  
Geological analysis and assessment services
MBA offers a range of geological services, including prospect analysis, potential resource assessment, risk analysis, well locations and proposals, assistance with drilling, well completion reports, reservoir models (both static and dynamic), petrophysics and basin studies.
Oil and gas facility development services
MBA provides oil and gas appraisal and development, seismic development, assistance with drilling, reserve assessment, well location development and reservoir modelling (both static and dynamic).
Administrative reports, management and applications
MBA offers administrative assistance for the oil and gas industry through Government-reporting compliance, permit applications, permit management and joint-venture representation. In addition, we provide IER, due diligence for deals and banks, and E&P valuations.
Spatial thematic mapping and digital data-capturing services
MBA provides high-quality visual presentation with spatial thematic mapping and digital data capture for wireline logs and well locations.
Drafting / geographical information systems services
MBA offers a professional drafting and geographical information systems (GIS) service. We specialise in the high-quality presentation of exploration data for farmouts, reports and presentations.
We use a suite of sophisticated industry-standard software to provide expert drafting and GIS services, which includes Microstation, Cadscript, Mapinfo Professional, FME, CorelDraw, GPInfo and Petrosys.
Base maps
With access to up-to-date petroleum data for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea through Encom GPinfo, and the ability to capture data from paper maps and integrate these with data from government databases, MBA can produce detailed base maps.
Greenhouse-gas storage services
Greenhouse-gas storage solutions (GGSS) is a new division of MBA, which has been established to provide geoscience advice for the geological storage of greenhouse gases as a mitigation strategy for climate change. GGSS aims to assist in the implementation of geological storage of carbon dioxide at an industrial scale, both domestically and internationally.
We have a range of greenhouse-gas storage capabilities, including basin analysis (exploration for and appraisal of storage sites), injectivity testing, Sandstone reservoir capacity, static geological modelling, upscaled dynamic engineering modelling, and evaluation / injector well and monitoring design.
Carbon dioxide emissions storage basins and sites
Australia has the highest rate of CO2 emissions per capita in the world, with the burning of coal for electricity production accounting for the majority of emissions. MBA is at the forefront of a new industry that will capture and store CO2 in Sandstone reservoirs. We are working on groundbreaking analysis of Australian basins to help develop the world's first major storage sites for CO2.

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