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Master Flo Valve is a technological leader and world-class manufacturer of chokes, specialty control valves and supporting actuation. Since their inception 1979, Master Flo's facilities have grown to encompass over 80,000ft² on over eight acres of land.
Our testing facilities include a hyperbaric test chamber which simulates subsea external and internal pressure conditions, a cold room chamber which can subject the valves to extreme pressures from a low of -60°F to a high of 650°F, a CV test rack that allows for comprehensive testing of flow capacity, and an erosion test loop which allows for sand slurry and cavitation testing at pressures up to 5,000psi.
These facilities allow Master Flo to test all aspects of valve performance and ensure that they remain on the cutting edge of technology and the world leader in critical service valves.
Choke valves
The angle body choke valve design is ideal for any production, injection or dump applications where product performance and valve reliability are crucial. All valves utilize the superior performance proven by the cage with external sleeve trim design. With over 25 years of experience, continuous testing and design improvements, this trim design excels in all applications.
The inherent characteristic of this trim design relies on fluid impingement to dissipate the destructive kinetic energy created by the pressure drop through the valve. The cage benefits are enhanced by an external sleeve design which directs the destructive fluid jet away from the valve outlet.
The angle choke models cover a full range of capacity from the smaller P1 models with a CV of 14 to the larger P10 valves capable of producing CVs of 1,000. Valves are available with working pressures of up to 15,000psi and temperatures up to 850 degrees F. Master Flo's choke valves are available in manual or automated configurations and in a multitude of end connections from ANSI, API, Hub type and most proprietary customer designs.
Control valves
We manufacture premium quality control valves, utilizing Master Flo’s proven angle choke trim design combined with an inline body configuration. This valve style is available in four valve models with capacity ranging from a CV of 14 to a CV of 205. Primary uses consist of severe service pressure management applications where inline configuration is desirable but choke performance is beneficial.
The valves can be supplied as manually operated or actuated and come in a multitude of end connections from ANSI, API, hub type and most proprietary customer designs.
Severe service valves require comparable severe service actuation. Master Flo manufactures a full line of robust actuators designed for reliability in harsh environments. For reliable performance all Master Flo actuators are designed with environmental sealed positioner drive units with no exposed drive linkages to enhance operator safety.
With nearly 20 years in the subsea choke arena, Master Flo has developed the experience and expertise required to provide quality solutions for all subsea applications. The subsea valve product line, with supporting actuation, consists of Master Flo’s tool insert retrievable, bolted bonnet and diver insert retrievable models.
Through this product line, Master Flo is able to offer a solution for all subsea applications. The subsea valves are qualified for water depths up to 11,000ft (3,350m) and are available for pressures up to 15,000 PSIG (103,000kPa).
All Master Flo subsea valves can be actuated with the SL hydraulic stepping actuator. It is compact, lightweight, and durable and has also been qualified to 11,000ft (3,350m).
With the head office and manufacturing facility in Edmonton Alberta, Canada and with sales and support offices in the United States, Brazil, Scotland, France, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Malaysia, Master Flo is committed to providing excellent quality service and support and maintaining our position as the world leader in choke technology.

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