Maritech is a worldwide service provider capable of undertaking a wide range of operations in the offshore environment with over 20 years of involvement in the field. Specialising in submarine fibre optic, power cable and flexible line installations and their inshore protection, Maritech provides high-quality consultancy, project management and surveying services, utilising the expertise of the engineers staffing the company. Maritech can successfully accomplish major projects related to marine / submarine design and construction works, submarine flexible line installations, flexible line trenching using Maritech's in-house developed subsea trenching spread, dredging, salvage diving and inspections, in addition to ship surveying-repair-maintenance. Maritech is ISO 9001 / 14001 / 18001 accredited, with all dive teams and spreads ADCi-certified and IMCA-compliant. Engineering and performance of marine and underwater works Maritech can undertake complete planning, engineering and management of turnkey projects. This includes all stages of project development: design, evaluation, financial appraisal, construction, supervision, coordination, engineering and procurement, quality assurance, testing and delivering. Maritech is positioned to perform efficiently across a vast range of applications. Submarine cables (FOC, power cables and flexible lines) launching, installation and protection, as well as sea lines trenching (PLB) for all diameters and materials are possible. Based on its great experience, Maritech can carry out any kind of underwater maintenance (epoxy / cutting / welding / water intakes / concrete and steel structures / water intakes / pipe and basin cleaning), repairs (cable or structural) and works (including demolitions and rock blasting). Maritech, having completed over 300 projects in over 100 different countries since its inception, has excelled due to its innovative modular spreads which can be rapidly mobilised to any country and assembled to undertake turnkey subsea installations. Supply of systems and specialised equipment Apart from turnkey solutions, Maritech guarantees the solution of problems involved with research, development, design, engineering, supply and installation of turnkey systems and equipment. Submarine power or telecommunications cables, gas and petroleum pipelines, penstocks and any equipment for cable handling can be designed, supplied and installed. In addition to that, complex hydraulic circuits for industrial and underwater systems, undersea oil systems (pumping / handling), cathodic protection systems for sea lines and auxiliary structures for offshore plants are also offered by Maritech. Underwater inspections and route surveys Maritech employs its specialised staff in combination with state-of-the-art equipment to perform underwater inspections including NDT (non destructive testing), CPT (cone penetration testing) and core sampling. Surveys including geotechnical, geophysical and route surveys of every nature are practically attainable, utilising techniques such as drilling sea bottom, sonar, sub bottom profiler, multibeam and side scan sonar, photo / video capture, magnetometer employment, ammunition and ROV inspection. Maritech is also capable of undertaking turnkey UXO (unexploded ordinance) surveys, inspections and clearances with its own in-house EOD divers, who have been required on certain projects for the route preparation phase. Inspection, check and revamping of penstocks and pipelines Maritech has developed proprietary work procedures for inspection and revamping of penstocks. A unique innovative methodology has been engineered by the company's senior engineers, which allows the determination of a detailed 'state of health' of the structure by using a set of surveys and studies. The outcome of these clearly indicate the required operations for reinstatement, exploiting specialised instrumentation packages. Engineering and works supervision for submarine flexible lines Maritech is able to supply the necessary technology and know-how through the relevant support management for the execution of flexible subsea lines by reviewing the engineering data, drawing up the most suitable launching and protection methods and selecting the equipment and specific apparatus, which can be provided largely from Maritech's in-house stock. Power projects and offshore renewable energy technology Maritech takes one step forward, following the development of a rapidly advancing sector to the of offshore renewable energy systems (offshore wind power / tidal / wave). Capable of laying power cables of all sizes, including shore end installation and inshore protection, Maritech is present worldwide, being involved in export cabling, inter-array cabling, support services in monopile and jacket installations for wind power projects, as well as for wave plants installations and underwater operations to support tidal units fixings. Service specialised vessels Maritech owns and operates several service specialised vessels. These include cable ships and custom made modular barges, specialised pontoons and one jack-up core sampling platform, survey boats, one ice-class research and survey vessel, one multipurpose dredger as well as one tug boat. Maritech owns and operates a fleet of specialised vessels and shallow draft modular barges including: Deepwater survey vessel MV Albatross (ABS , Ice Class) Flexible line installation / repair vessel OSV Flint River (ABS Class) Flexible line installation / repair vessel C/S Ikaros Support-tug T/B Med Explorer Dredging / heavy lift crane vessel MV Julie Shallow water modular barges Marpro I, Marpro II, Marpro III Jack-up barge Maritech I Maritech established in the field of marine and offshore constructions and services sharing the 40 years knowledge and experience in specialised marine and offshore works of its highly qualified personnel and selected associates, has performed well over the years in a variety of challenging projects in the telecommunications, energy, transportation and offshore construction fields. Our company's project history list in combination with our selected customers creates a frame of trust and confidence, leaving no doubt regarding the high levels of professionalism and the extremely efficient results Maritech can provide you with. Please feel comfortable to use the contact means listed below to send us your business enquiry and kindly be assured that our specialised staff will endeavour to meet your expectations.