Marine Project Management, Inc.


Marine Project Management, Inc. (MPM) plans and manages underwater operations requiring diving and/or remotely operated vehicle (ROV) intervention. We are the world leader in deepwater impressed current cathodic protection systems and specialize in cathodic protection projects, including CP design, CP system retrofit, and CP surveys.

Our customers benefit from our team?s skills by receiving cost effective proven designs which can be installed safely and perform as intended.

We meet each of our client?s objectives by providing specialists with extensive onsite, in-field, onshore, and offshore project management experience. Our projects are successful because MPM:

Is sensitive to client's goals and objectives
Understands marine operations costs, equipment capabilities and requirements
Maintains a perfect HSE record through interfacing of our programs with the client's programs and onsite project conditions
Insists that projects are completed successfully, meaning that designs perform as intended, AND the project is on time, within budget, has minimal facility operations interference, and zero accidents or incidents

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