MAREX Marine and Safety Services


MAREX Marine and Safety Services offer technical authorship, risk assessment, and various consultancy services.
The staff employed by MAREX consists of risk and safety specialists, master mariners, chief engineers and naval architects. This mixture of experienced professionals allows the company to effectively perform a variety of tasks to support our clients.
Offshore compilation of safety cases for HSE approval and safety case reviews
A major aspect of MAREX's work has been the compilation of safety cases for HSE approval. The company has developed more than 60 semi-submersible and jack-up safety cases. This work included qualitative and quantitative major hazard risk assessments, safety management system summaries and the compilation of technical details as well as the development of complete workplace and PFEER assessments.
The safety cases were presented in the IADC North West European Safety Case format and the Global version, and over 15 have been presented in accordance with the 2005 Offshore Installations (Safety Case) Regulations.
Development of emergency response manuals
As a result of the company’s detailed knowledge of offshore risks, it has been engaged to develop 24 emergency response manuals for semi-submersibles and jack-ups including station bills.
This process has included any requirements from the prevention of fire and explosion and emergency response regulations, and the documents are provided with instructions, guidance, flow charts and checklists.
Verification schemes
In response to the requirements of the PFEER and design and construction regulations, MAREX have developed verifications scheme philosophies and performance standards for jack-ups, semi-submersibles and DP mobile units, and has put in place more than 15 schemes on behalf of clients.
In conjunction with this activity, MAREX consultants have advised on maintenance requirements for SCEs and have consulted with ICPs.
Shipboard oil pollution emergency plans
Technical authoring activities have included the development of 28 shipboard oil pollution emergency plans (SOPEPs) in accordance with the relevant IMO guidance.
Mobile unit marine operations manuals
Semi-submersible marine operations manuals have been written for six units in accordance with clients’ requirements and using their templates.
Where necessary, conformance with the 1989 MODU Code has been achieved. In addition, MAREX has advised on the stability manual changes as a result of modification or lightship increases in association with the revised operations manuals.
Combined operations safety cases
The company has participated in the development of, or has managed the compilation of, a number of combined operations safety cases. This has involved acting as a focal point for the collection of data from the participating companies carrying out the combined operations risk assessments, developing dropped object studies and compiling the safety case in a form acceptable to the clients, and finally the HSE.
Risk assessment facilitating
MAREX has facilitated numerous Major Accident Hazard Risk Assessments using a variety of software tools, including Bow-Tie presentations and the knowledge-based HAZOP process. Risk assessments carried out have ranged from the operation of FRCs in sheltered waters, to the activities relating to bringing a jack-up back into service after a serious machinery space fire.
FMEAs have been carried out in accordance with clients' requirements or else to an accepted format for:

Semi-submersible ballast systems
Mooring systems
Emergency mooring release systems
Jack-up and leg guide systems
Derrick hoisting systems

Marine consultancy
MAREX marine consultants have acted as client representatives for rig moves and other marine operations and have carried out numerous warranty surveys, as well as assisting clients with the selection of towing vessels and the organisation of wet and dry tows.
We have also provided personnel to control marine logistics activities, to carry out workforce consultations on ERRV sharing and to assist client with MODU selection. On behalf of clients, MAREX has monitored the operation of ERRVs and has carried out validation trials to ensure that rescue and recovery performance standards can be met.
Engineering services
Technical superintendence for a variety of rig related projects has been provided, including crane survey and improvement for LOLER compliance and operations in Norwegian waters.

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