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Kockum Sonics has its roots in the early days of industrialisation. Over the years we have delivered innovative design solutions for marine and industrial applications worldwide.
Our wide range of products includes level-gauging systems, loading computers, cargo and ballast automation, acoustic signalling systems and acoustic cleaning systems. All our products and software are developed in close cooperation with sailing masters as well as ship designers, ship owners and classification societies. We always focus on onboard operation.
Kockum Sonics provides a solution for ship owners who want to have the best of two worlds - keeping the parts of the automation system that has proved itself worthwhile and replacing the parts that are not up to scratch. Kockum Sonics has used its 30 years' experience in the marine industry to develop and test the SHIPMASTER to the highest standards.
SHIPMASTER is ideal for both retrofits and new builds. Apart from having a modern user-interface and advanced system capabilities, our SHIPMASTER system is based on standard PC components, giving our customers access to spare parts at very low prices, with great availability.
Kockum Sonics can provide ship owners with total flexibility in their choice of gauging systems, valves, pumps, alarms etc. Pick your favourite subsystems and we will integrate them into one solution and a modern platform. Kockum Sonics also has experience in handling complete cargo and ballast automation for the conversion of tankers to FPSO and FSO.
Kockum Sonics possesses unique knowledge and experience in loading computer development - counting more than 8,000 loading computer installations.
The new LOADMASTER X5 has a user interface that is unparalleled in user friendliness. It is designed to be simple enough for inexperienced users to operate, yet it still provides a full range of powerful opportunities for experienced users.
With the type-approved LOADMASTER X5 you will be in possession of the most powerful and versatile cargo planning and stability software available.
The hull description is made in 3-D and we can handle damage stability calculations according to MODU. Automatic input of raiser tension and mooring forces can be implemented.
With the type-approved LOADMASTER X5 you will be in possession of the most powerful and versatile cargo planning and stability software available for FPSO, FSO, semi-submersible drilling rigs, Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT) and Platform Supply Vessels (PSV).
The new generation of LEVELMASTER H8 is the successor of the well-known CALM system. Level-gauging using the electro-pneumatic principle, so-called bubble measuring, has always been known as a very robust and reliable method. Kockum Sonics now release the fourth generation of the electro-pneumatic system concept. We have combined the latest and best sensors and microprocessors in order to produce an electro-pneumatic system that combines low cost and very high performance.
LEVELMASTER H8 is a flexible level-gauging system that works with any pressure, level or temperature transmitter as well as with any automation system. The system is approved by all the major classification societies. LEVELMASTER is one of the most precise and flexible electro pneumatic level-gauging systems available.
LEVELMASTER H8, our electro-pneumatic system, can handle all tanks, onboard vessels and offshore vessels, including mud tanks and brine tanks. The system is type-approved by all the major classification societies.
A Kockum Sonics whistle is not only a high-quality design; it also contains the experience of more than 1 million TYFON installations. Audibility is determined not simply by the strength of sound emanating from the whistle - much more is entailed to overcome absorption, distortion and local noise.
Kockum Sonics offers complete installation, including air-driven whistles, electric-driven whistles and electronic whistles. In addition, we offer a wide range of acccessories such as bell and gong, signal automation, and light.
The TYFON fulfils all current IMO and national authority regulations.

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