KAEFER's offshore division offers worldwide professional services in insulation and cladding, surface protection, access (including scaffolding), interior outfitting, modular accommodation, and engineering and technical areas.
Insulation and fire protection equipment for platforms, onshore terminals and FPSOs
We work closely with our clients, providing them with a variety of services for our offshore heat, cold and sound insulation and fire protection equipment. These services include maintenance planning and development, manufacturing, assembly and installation, inspection and testing, project and quality management, and general contractor services. Our products can be used for offshore production platforms, onshore receiving terminals and FPSO facilities.
Offshore insulation and cladding services and equipment
KAEFER's offshore division provides a wide range of offshore insulation and cladding services and equipment. These cover the fields of cold protection, heat conservation, passive fire protection, acoustic insulation, personnel protection, pipe and duct jacketing, tank cladding, valve and flange boxes, removable insulation, fire-protection boxes, and subsea insulation.
Offshore surface-protection services and equipment
We also offer an extensive variety of offshore surface-protection services and equipment, including painting, corrosion protection, passive fire protection, thermally sprayed coatings, ultra-high-pressure jetting, and cold cutting.
Offshore access equipment
Our range of offshore access equipment includes scaffolding, rigging and suspended scaffolds.
Offshore accommodation modules
KAEFER's offshore division supplies a wide variety of offshore accommodation modules, which meet DNV 2.7-1 EN 12079 standards and are built to ISO standards. Units available include prefabricated cabins and new-build offshore accommodation modules. We also carry out refurbishment of existing modules.
We have extensive control over the production process, which means we can guarantee the quality of the offshore accommodation modules we provide.
Interior outfitting for offshore accommodation modules
Interior outfitting for offshore accommodation modules can also be supplied by KAEFER's offshore division. This includes design and layout; interior furnishings; decorative interior coverings; wall, ceiling and flooring systems; internal and external door systems; special interior equipment; and lead and asbestos abatement.
Offshore platform construction, modification and maintenance
KAEFER provides services and solutions for all offshore project phases, from the construction of offshore platforms to the modification and maintenance of the facilities. In close cooperation with our clients from an early stage in the project, we use our technical expertise to introduce and implement new ideas and innovative solutions.
Our project management services take an active role in planning the project together with the client, to provide a framework for state-of-the-art execution. Experienced and motivated staff and supervisors ensure construction and installation are carried out efficiently.
Heat, cold and sound insulation, and fire protection technologies
The KAEFER Group is the largest independent company for heat, cold and sound insulation and fire protection, interior solutions and related technologies worldwide. With over 17,500 employees in 45 different countries, KAEFER is an international company operating in five business areas: the industry, offshore, shipbuilding, construction and aerospace markets.
KAEFER's offshore division has acquired more than 30 years' experience in the oil and gas industry, by performing challenging projects in harsh environments. We have extensive project experience through the undertaking of multi-disciplinary offshore new-build and modification and maintenance contracts. We have the capability to provide services in all phases from design to completion and beyond. KAEFER is a reliable, experienced and capable partner.

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