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Industry Report Store is an online retail store for market research and business intelligence reports. Our reports cover a wide range of industries, sectors, countries and regions, giving you rich, market-specific data and analysis. Data is collected through primary and secondary research and panel surveys conducted by our expert researchers. Browse over 150,000 reports for over 40 industries and explore the market potential, opportunities and challenges in over 100 countries. Gain an in-depth understanding of your industry and make informed business decisions that are backed up with factual evidence. Oil and gas reports Different companies are in need of various types of research, therefore the Industry Report Store offers three types of oil and gas research reports: Industry forecast reports - look to the future, analysing market trends, growth rates and sales figures for the next 5-10 years Sector reports - go in-depth into the oil and gas industries, identifying various sector products, solutions and topics Company capsules and SWOTS - provide up-to-date, factual information on a wide range of companies globally Insights into offshore technology The brand Global Data provides research solutions that cover the full breadth of the oil and gas industry. Research topics focus on well-site and pipeline problems, and resolutions to upstream, midstream and downstream challenges and opportunities. Explore comprehensive, tailor-made research that satisfies the needs of your business, providing you with need-to-know information on the oil and gas industry globally. What is the latest for offshore technology solutions and what are your competitors up to? Why do you need us? Our reports provide key decision makers with the facts and insight to make difficult, strategic business decisions with confidence. Become an expert in your industry and back up your decision-making with facts and figures, decreasing the risk involved. Use our market data and analysis as well for your planning, identify the challenges ahead and key areas for opportunity and growth -create an effective business strategy, securing future profit and success.

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