Imtech Marine & Offshore


Imtech Marine & Offshore specialises in innovative solutions in the fields of energy and drive systems, platform automation, integrated bridge systems, electrical installation, and heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC).
Imtech Marine & Offshore offers custom solutions for naval ships, megayachts, offshore platforms and all types of special vessels. Our long experience (since 1860) and in-depth knowledge of technology, system integration and project management have proven to be of great value in supporting our customers.
Platform automation and integrated bridge systems and drives
As a system integrator our aim is to optimise your shipbuilding programme, both for new vessels and conversions. We offer unbiased advice and provide the best and most cost-effective technology solutions. Automation is always the connecting link, so our platform automation and integrated bridge systems and drives are a constant focus of our innovation policy.
Offshore vessel electrical installations and HVAC
We integrate complex technology into custom-made systems at any location in the world. Our ‘whole ship approach’ covers design, delivery and commissioning of Imtech systems, in combination with engineering and construction of electrical installations and HVAC.
Power generation and distribution systems, diesel electric propulsion, and dynamic positioning systems
Your prime operations are always of major importance for the design of the technology systems we provide. We have a full understanding of pipes, hoisting heavy loads and dredging, and we always find the optimal interface between your primary process, the ship’s support processes and the available technology. We supply, for example, power generation and distribution systems, efficient diesel electric propulsion systems, automation solutions and dynamic positioning systems.
Electrical systems and instrumentation for offshore projects
In the offshore oil and gas industry, Imtech Marine & Offshore works with the biggest construction companies and market leaders. Whether it is a new production platform or a refit project we can provide electrical systems and instrumentation. We are pleased to be involved in offshore projects as a partner for project management, installation and commissioning. Maintenance during operation or shutdown is something we are also happy to undertake.
We are involved in specialist markets such as crane vessels, dredgers, semi-submersibles, offshore construction and supply vessels, offshore platforms, and FPSOs, and this has enabled us to acquire an in-depth knowledge of customer processes. Consequently, we can bring tailor-made, effective technology solutions to customers in many different fields.
Electrical drive technology, and navigation and communication equipment for offshore vessels
Our extensive cooperation with the Imtech Marine Group gives you a single point of contact for energy generation, distribution, HVAC, electrical drive technology, platform automation, navigation and communication equipment, and security and entertainment systems.
The Imtech Marine Group has a network of offices along the major shipping routes and close to main shipbuilding centres. This worldwide network of more than 70 offices gives us a global and local presence at the same time. It allows us to respond quickly and effectively to the growing demand for systems and services all around the world.
Energy and drive systems for offshore vessels
Imtech has built up in-depth expertise in energy and drive systems over many years. Undoubtedly, it is this unique knowledge that makes Imtech a solid and reliable partner for all energy and drive systems on-board your vessels. We can offer efficient solutions for power generation and distribution systems, as well as for diesel electric propulsion or drive technology.
As an independent supplier, Imtech Marine & Offshore works with renowned manufacturers of energy and drive components, but we can also produce components ourselves. Furthermore, we take responsibility of the design of the total system, detailed engineering, installation and commissioning.
HVAC systems for offshore vessels
In the area of HVAC we look after the entire process, from basic design to commissioning, service and refit. Clear system requirements are the basis for putting together the right configuration for climate technology.
From day one, we take into account environmental aspects, user-friendliness and maintenance simplicity. We are continuously looking for innovations, such as energy recovery or space-saving applications. During a ship’s lifetime we adjust systems if necessary, and we maintain the ship’s optimal climate control both above and below the water line.