IDM Equipment, Ltd


IDM Equipment was founded in 1986 to provide complete electrical and mechanical services to the oil & gas drilling industry. Over the years IDM has evolved from a service and repair company into a supplier of complete drilling rigs and integrated systems. The QuickSilver Drilling System was introduced in 2004 as an innovative quick moving drilling rig with marked advantages in safety, speed and cost over competing rigs. In 2006 Lime Rock Partners invested in both, IDM and Perkins, Macintosh and Perkins Limited (PMP), under IDM Group. IDM and PMP have developed strategies to work closely on engineering, design and marketing aspects, to provide modern drilling systems worldwide.

IDM facilities are located in Northwest Houston on a 20 acre complex with 4 pad sites. The Ukraine facility has 8 large workshops and warehouses on 44 acres of land. IDM is API certified 4F and 7K.

Complete Rig Products
New land rigs 1000 HP to 3000 HP
QuickSilver Drilling System, HDDS (heavy duty drilling system), Box on Box Explorer and Developer.
With a wide range of packages, from Skidding Systems (single & bi-directional), Weatherization, Automation and Control Systems.

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