Hughes Pumps


With extensive experience in the design and manufacture of high pressure, positive displacement pumps and water jetting equipment, Hughes Pumps is justifiably proud of its products range.
Backed by a commitment to precision engineering, we provide the benefits of an established product range and the flexibility of a manufacturer willing to engineer a solution to your problems.
Ultra high pressure (UHP) pumps and water jetting equipment
High and ultra high pressure (UHP) positive displacement plunger pumps and water jetting equipment for heavy duty cleaning and cutting are available at pressures to 2,750bar (40,000psi) and power ratings to 375kW (500hp). A full range of accessories, options of diesel engine or electric motor drive, and trailer or skid mounted options to suit any specific requirements can be provided.
The pumps are produced in nine frame sizes, each including a range of plunger sizes. Close-coupled reduction gearbox drives and SAE engine adaptor housings are available. This allows selection of the ideal pump for the job.
Splash or pressure lubrication, fully supported crankshafts, reduction gearboxes, stainless-steel pumpheads, ceramic plungers and the latest seal materials are employed throughout the range.
Process pumps
Hughes produces high pressure positive displacement plunger and piston process pumps with power ratings to 375kW (500hp). They pumps are designed to comply generally with the requirements of API Standard 674 and for applications ranging from the food industry to chemical injection for the offshore oil and gas industry. They are fully tested and certificated to the most demanding standards.
Bare shaft pumps or complete skid mounted sets can be supplied for use in safe or hazardous areas (ATEX compliant where required), using electric motor or diesel engine prime movers mounted in certified offshore crash frames or containers, with or without acoustic dampening.
Ancillary equipment available includes pulsation dampers, relief and loading valves, directional control valves, filtration and condition monitoring.
Dualway metering pumps
The company's robust, motor and gear driven plunger and diaphragm pumps can be used wherever accurate and reliable metering of chemicals or additives is required. These pumps are designed to comply with the requirements of API standard 675 and come with a full range of options including manual or automatic stroke adjustment, stainless steel or polypropylene pumpheads and complete packaged dosing sets.
Capable of pumping most aggressive and non-aggressive liquids, and of robust design with cast iron frames, these pumps offer a wide range of pumphead sizes and stroking speeds. Plunger or mechanical diaphragm pumpheads are used for more common applications with hydraulic diaphragm versions available for use where "glandless" (non-leaking) performance is vital.
CP equipment for in-place cleaning systems
CP equipment and components for in-place cleaning systems ranging from hydraulic jet cleaners (steam / water mixers and boosters), fixed or rotating tank and vessel cleaners, lances and other accessories are also available. Temperatures to 100ºC (212ºF) and pressures to 25bar (360psi) can be provided. Site installation, overhaul and service exchange facilities are also offered.
Without any moving parts, electrics or pumps, hydraulic jet cleaners combine cold water with plant steam boosting input pressure to produce a vigorous cleaning action through a handheld lance or tank cleaning head. For example, with a steam inlet pressure of 5.4bar (80psi) and water inlet pressure of 1bar (15psi), outlet pressure up to 25bar (360psi) at up to 90ºC can be achieved.

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