Hot Taps, Wet Taps, Line Stops, Pipe Freezing


Pro Tapping, Inc. specializes in tapping live pipelines wihtout shutdown of your service or system. This means you can repair a valve, make a new branch conncection or insert a new valve. Pro Tapping performs these services while your piping system remains live and under working pressure - saving you time and money. For over 35 years Pro Tapping has worked with refineries, industrial companies, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, underground and mechanical contractors throughout North America. Pro Tapping performs hot taps, wet taps, line stops, pipe freezing and valve insertions on pipelines of various sizes, pressures, temperatures and products. Don't waste time! Don't throw money away! Don't compromise safety! Don't shutdown your piping systems to repair a leak or make modifications! The "No Shutdown Specialists" will show you how. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience.