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HB Rentals is the world's premier supplier of onsite accommodations and auxiliary equipment for the oil and gas industry. Whether it's onshore or offshore, HB Rentals delivers accommodations and support equipment with superior quality.
Our safety, quality, customer support, and knowledge gained through years of experience, allow HB Rentals to deliver the complete package in order to satisfy all of our customers' needs. From land based operations involving wheel mounted trailer units and cold weather skids, to stackable offshore accommodations for fixed platforms and floaters, HB Rentals has all the necessary accommodations and equipment to house your employees onsite.

Offshore ABS/USCG/DNV/IMO/SOLAS/Lloyds approved accommodations
Offshore fiberglass accommodations
Onshore wheel-mounted trailers
Onshore cold weather skid units
Auxiliary and communications equipment
Camp complexes (onshore and offshore)
Customer support 24/7
Certified technicians for installation
Project planning and design
Knowledge in regulatory and code compliance

Accomodation for the offshore industry
HB Rentals has the capabilities to deliver offshore accommodations and support equipment with superior quality, while also maintaining an industry leading track record in safety.
HB Rentals offshore accomodations include:

A60 rated fleet
Engineering and service cabins
General purpose
Fiberglass fleet

Offshore accomodations - A60 rated fleet
Our A60 fleet raises offshore accommodations to a new level, and consists of a wide range of available buildings that are designed and approved to meet various regulatory standards. Whatever your needs for offshore A60 accommodations, HB Rentals has the complete package for every situation. Designed to offer the most flexible solution, our buildings have a number of enhanced design features to make it efficient for installation and hook-up offshore. Our buildings comply fully with the latest MODU and A60 FTP requirements, and are also IMO and SOLAS compliant for international use.
HB Rentals specializes in designing modular solutions, combining multiple buildings to create permanent or temporary living or working quarters. Our modular approach means we can take any footprint and/or headroom restrictions into account and create a custom solution that is flexible and easily transported with 'plug and play' hook-up capabilities.
Offshore engineering cabins
Our engineering / office cabins have been tried and tested in arduous conditions throughout the world, and are able to withstand even the most hostile marine environments. Built for operation in Zone I and Zone II or Safe Area in International waters. They come in standard ISO container dimensions for simple, easy and cost-effective transportation. Our comprehensive range of cabins for the offshore engineer includes:

MWD cabins
Equipment rooms
Control rooms
Mud logging cabins
ROV cabins
Test cabins
Telecoms cabins

Most of our engineering cabins are built to DNV 2.7-1. The majority are 8ft wide, but 9ft wide cabins are also available. The cabins are usually no more than 20ft long, with the exception of a few specials. And of course we can build (or modify) and fit out cabins to perform any offshore engineering task you specify.
General purpose offshore buildings
Along with our sleeping and engineering cabins, HB Rentals also has wide range of general purpose cabins which can be customized to cover practically every onshore and offshore requirement. Our innovative mini galley provides all the facilities of a full-size galley but in a fraction of the space. In addition to mini and full size galleys, our comprehensive range of ancillary units includes:

Changing rooms
Locker rooms
Recreation rooms
Heli lounges

We can build (or modify) and fit out cabins to perform any function you can imagine, in a range of sizes from 10ft by 8ft, to 42ft by 12ft. Our cabins are available on a variety of financial terms including hire, lease and outright purchase and can be deployed at short notice from our worldwide bases.
Fiberglass fleet of offshore accommodations
HB Rentals offers a diverse line of fiberglass accommodations for your company's specific project accommodation needs. Whether you need stackable units or custom buildings, our accommodations fleet is the largest and newest in the industry. Our offshore accommodations are constructed using the best materials resulting in comfort, efficiency and durability. Our product line includes galleys, diners, twelve-man sleepers, recreation rooms, offices, eight-man sleepers, four-man bath / office / sleepers and utility buildings.
We offer a diverse selection of the highest quality fiberglass buildings. These units are ideal for offshore jobs that do not require US coast guard approved buildings and are not restricted by regulatory requirements. Fiberglass units are designed with an exterior frame unit that allows them to be stacked when needed. Guardrails, walkways and stairways are also available with these units.
Our heliports install on top of our stackable living quarters to maximize space, they're modular for greater portability and are built for easy assembly on site.
Our designs allow for different size helicopters depending on your company's needs, and they are also designed to specific codes. Along with the heliport, stairways, platforms, and guardrails are available in order to provide the most thorough and safe design for your employees. HB Rentals offers a complete package with our accommodations and a variety of auxiliary and support equipment. Whatever your needs, HB Rentals has the equipment and technicians on standby in order to deliver quality equipment in a safe and timely manner.

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