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Hamworthy aims to develop and to supply systems reducing emissions to air from gas, oil and petrochemical installations.
Hamworthy has a significant experience in technology associated with gas recovery and compressor technology for offshore and onshore installations.
Flare gas recovery system

In accordance with API RP 521
Easy and safe recovery of the flare gas
Environmentally friendly
Substantial reduction of CO 2 and NO X emissions
Cost effective solution
Increased flare tip lifetime

The flare gas recovery system eliminates the need for continuous flaring of gas, thereby saving gas, reducing O 2 and NO X emissions, and will increase the flare tip to last the lifetime of the installation.
The concept comprises the flare header isolation equipment, a passive and/or active flare gas recovery system, control logic and the reliable safe ignition system from Hamworthy.
The technology has proved itself during many years of operations on several offshore and land-based installations. Our experience ensures professional craftsmanship in design, installation and commissioning.
Flare gas ignition system
Appropriate for all weather conditions
Suitable for all flare tips
Easily retrofitted into existing installations
Improved safety
Ballistic spark ignition
No electronics in area of high heat radiation
No pilot burners
The safe ignition system from Hamworthy guarantees ignition in all weather conditions. There is no electronic equipment or movable parts located in high heat radiation areas, making the system reliable and easy to maintain.
Hamworthy offers a unique method of igniting flare gas, which eliminates the need for pilot flares. Specially designed pellets are launched through a guide pipe. When the pellet reaches the flare tip it bursts and generates a shower spark igniting the flare.
The system can be used in any installation with remote flares as the maximum range for this system is more than 2,000m.
Vapour recovery systems
Hamworthy can supply vapour recovery systems for offshore and land-based systems.
The hydrocarbon (HC) blanketing system is specially developed for the elimination of VOC from FPSOs. In addition this system has several advantages:

Increased oil and gas recovery
Reduced risk of process shut downs from gas alarms
Reduced corrosion problems
Redundancy on supply of blanketing gas

HC blanketing and FGR can be combined into one single vapour recovery system. This zero-emission concept for FPSOs will contribute to a substantial reduction in VOC and CO 2 emissions. Hamworthy T&P has experience in both these areas and can do the engineering and supply the necessary equipment.
Hamworthy can also supply VOC recovery systems for different applications based on the principle of condensation and membrane separation. The system is designed to collect and re-liquefy up to 99% of hydrocarbon in a single stage and requires only electric power and cooling water.
The system does not create new emission or contaminated waste. The compact modular design, which is assembled and tested prior to shipment to customer, ensures flexibility and short installation time.
Compressor technology
Hamworthy is an established supplier of compressor and ejector systems. Recently deliveries include variously types of: oil-filled screw compressor, liquid ring compressor, roots blower type and gas ejectors for the oil and gas industry.
Typical applications:
Flare gas recovery
Vapour recovery
VOC recovery
Fuel gas condition
Hydrocarbon blanket gas
Nitrogen compressors
LP compression
As a process system supplier, Hamworthy has the knowledge and expertise to design the process modules and control strategies around the compressors or ejectors to ensure trouble-free and efficient operation.
Process engineering
Hamworthy conducts studies related to its product range:

HC blanketing and dynamic simulations of tank operations
Flare gas recovery
VOC recovery
Power optimisation and CO 2 reductions

The scope of these studies varies from screening studies to front end engineering design (FEED) studies comprising equipment costing, installation costing, and risk and safety analysis.
Hamworthy has performed comprehensive studies within power optimisation and CO 2 reduction on major offshore fields like Gullfaks, Statfjord, Sleipner and Ekofisk. Typically this work involves preparing models and conducting simulations using software such as Hysys, Pro/II and Proprietary in-house programs.
As part of its process services Hamworthy can provide skilled HAZOP chair leaders.

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