Grigliati Baldassar


Grigliati Baldassar is a leading Italian company specialised in producing different kinds of gratings, fencings, gates, building materials, manholes, railings and grilles. Based in the north of Italy, Grigliati Baldassar is well-known thanks to the excellence of its products. Founded in the early 80s, the company has built up a very strong expertise over the years and today supplies most architectural and industrial metal grating solutions together with a customised service. The company also provides a full customer service that includes product design (gratings and fencing design, CAD design), onsite delivery, installation and assembly (at the moment in Italy only), and project management. Custom-made gratings, fencings and manhole solutions Over the years Grigliati Baldassar has developed and patented specific gratings, fencings and manhole solutions, including EuroclipperĀ®, a special manhole that is easy to fix, and RibesĀ®, a hot dip galvanised fence. Made with electrowelding technology, Ribes is a stylish, durable and economical fence. Grigliati Baldassar is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001 3834 - 4, which guarantees the company's high-level quality management system. Electrowelded and pressed serrated grating, steps and stairs for oil platforms Grigliati Baldassar can supply the best grating solutions for oil platforms, including electrowelded or pressed serrated grating, steps and stairs, and hot dip galvanised pressed and electrowelded gratings. Electrowelded grating for the offshore industry Grigliati Baldassar supplies hot dip galvanised electrowelded grating, manufactured with bearing bars and round or twisted square bars, welded together in a phase. Electrowelded serrated grating is also available. Hot dip galvanized pressed grating Hot dip galvanised pressed grating, manufactured by high pressurising the connection bars into the bearing bars, is one of Grigliati Baldassar's specialities. The special banding 'T' method makes all the panels highly resistant. Gratings can be made to measure or kept in stock with mesh sizes and formats for purposes generally asked for. Press serrated grating are also available. Electrowelded and pressed grating steps and stairs Grigliati Baldassar also supplies electrowelded or pressed grating steps and stairs. Hot dip galvanised and powder-coated fencing Grigliati Baldassar provides hot dip galvanised and powder-coated fencing in a wide range of mesh sizes. Our fencing is easy to install and suitable both for residential and industrial zones. Special panels can be made on demand.