GLOBAL rescue


Global Rescue is passionate about providing the finest medical consultation, transport, security and other essential services to our members.

Helping members in need is all we do and we are committed to being the best in the world.

If you're a member and are injured or become ill while traveling, we can advise you by applying the expertise of some of the world's finest physicians. If you're hospitalized and want to be evacuated, our best-in-class air service providers will transport you. If you need to relay messages to family, we'll keep them informed. If you need to find a local healthcare provider, we'll locate one for you. If you need the resources of a security team or operations center staffed around the clock with the finest personnel available, we will provide it for you. If you're sick or injured away from home, we can help. These are just a few of the services that Global Rescue provides to members in need.

Most aren't aware of the serious functional deficiencies of their health insurance, platinum card program or SOS hotline service. Global Rescue is the answer.

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