Franklin Howard Intenational Limited


Please note that we have international experience in the following fields
(see attached our company presentation):

1. Onshore drilling: From light to ultra heavy (250, 750, 900, 1500,
2000, 3000 HP) land rigs.

2. Offshore drilling: Swamp/lake barges, Tender assisted, JU rigs and

3. Integrated Services: See attached introduction letter.

4. Repairs and fabrications workshop: We do have experience in setting
up and operating repair/fabrication workshops in Europe and UAE e.g. rig
refurbishment, new constructions, HP piping, pressure vessels, mud
systems, burners, etc.

5. Equipment: Supply of new and refurbished (OEM certified) drilling
equipment as mud pumps, top drive, BOP (all sizes), tubular, etc..

Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned for any additional
information you may need on above subject. I look forward to hearing from

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