Framework Offshore


Framework Offshore, LLC specializes in mobile offshore drilling unit and floating production unit move assistance. We offer proactive move management packages; reactivation and shipyard exit commissioning; and jack-up move monitoring. When you're looking for solid experience, meticulous organization, and unwavering integrity, you're looking for Framework Offshore.
Six Levels of Service
Framework Offshore offers six levels of proactive floater and jackup management packages, based on our Proactive Move Management System (PMMS), so you can select the level of assistance that meets your needs. PMMS helps rig owners / operators improve management and reduce expenses of moving mobile offshore drilling units by:

Achieving more thorough preparation.
Reducing move time.
Improving safety.
Enhancing management processes.
Improving maintenance of move equipment.
Improving readiness for drilling operators.
Improving regulatory compliance.
All in all, reducing costs that apply directly to the project's bottom line.

Pre-Move Audit
Our proactive move audit provides you with a limited inspection of the rig and its personnel relevant to the move: a Framework Offshore representative travels to the rig, assesses the situation, evaluates equipment, and interviews rig personnel.
This assessment takes place at least two weeks before the rig move to allow for correction or mediation of deficiencies. The audit provides you with valuable information on how to improve performance and conduct a smooth, timely, accident-free rig move.
Hands-On Move Management
Framework Offshore personnel obtain hands-on confirmation of the mooring equipment location and communicate this information to rig operations, minimizing last-minute questions and reducing complications. We act as liaison between rig operator, anchor handling vessel operator, tugboat captain, and mooring contractor to improve timing and enable rig operations to better manage the mobilization process.
Let us help you make an easier move, with better safety and fewer expensive delays.
Services Overview
Framework Offshore provides the following rig move and marine consultancy services:

Meeting attendance : pre-shipyard prep, pre-well spud, pre-move, and other meetings.
Shipyard assistance : advising/oversight, commissioning and commissioning procedure writing, marine and electrical competent personnel.
Rig move representation and mooring coordination : direction/advising, daily updates, end-of-move reports (including lessons learned and recommendations)
Licensed marine personnel : DPO, OIM, BSB, CO, AB/LB.
Hands-on marine assistance : winch operators, take-up reel operators, crossover teams.
Project marine oversight : direction/advising, daily updates, end-of-move reports (including lessons learned and recommendations).
MODU audits : annual internal, third-party marine, QC policy/system, quarterly ballast and system, and pre-move readiness audits; mooring, NDT, and tank inspections; wire re-termination; CMI documentation.
Mooring vessel advisor : load-out and vessel consumables verification; on-board representative to advise and reduce non-productive time; verification and final documentation of condition and position of equipment in each system laid; end-of-move report (including lessons learned and recommendations).
Dry tow load-out and transit representation : resource and documentation sourcing and logistics; procedure review; advising; daily updates.
Hurricane recovery assistance ; search vessel and mooring recovery representation; boarding team assistance; direction/advising; daily updates; report and documentation of findings.
Setting semi on bottom : site hazard survey, mooring, and ballast water management/stability reviews; procedure review and writing; report writing; attendance, direction, and advising; installation of overburden oversight.

Specialists You Can Rely On
Framework Offshore is a company of seasoned experts, dedicated to professionalism at every level. Let us put our PMMS methodology to work on your next move - for quicker completion with fewer headaches.