With over 60 years of experience, Expom is a leading manufacturer in the metal industry, specialising in the production parts, assemblies and components for the marine, machinery, energy, mining and construction industries, amongst others. Foreign client orders account for almost 100% of production conducted. Expom products reach companies in Europe, Asia and the US. The key industries in which the company has experience are: Marine: marine boat davits of compact design, heavy cranes for offshore drilling platforms, marine boat davits for offshore wind farms Machinery: sets of heavy container cranes for sea ports; gas-oil: pipe bending equipment, tools and equipment for shale gas exploration and extraction Renewable energy: small wind turbines Main products manufactured by Expom include: Davits Cranes Furnace superstructures Components for hoisting gear Marine equipment - ship-mounted life boat davits and cranes Products for the machine-building industry Welded structures for civil engineering 3D modelling and FEM calculations Thanks to the modern equipment purchased by our company as part of our development strategy, we can offer our customers preparation of: Multi-trade technical documentation in all stages, starting from a concept, through an initial design, the main design, shop design and as-built documentation (recording of changes, revision, etc.) Technical and operating documentation (DTR) Descriptions of machines and equipment Operating manual Installation manual We prepare the design on the basis of our experience, technical and fragmentary documentation supplied by the customer, and his drafts and concepts. Thanks to many years of experience in steel-structural engineering, we deliver designs optimised for future production. CAD tools for 2D and 3D models, FEM strength analysis and performance simulation Expom can perform the following services for analysis and testing of customers' orders: 2D documentation on paper or in any desired electronic format: PDF, TIF, DWG, DXF, etc. 3D models of creo elements and solid works as standard. All parts are designed parametrically, which permits easy modification, while the environment of programs allows each modification to be introduced at any stage of design in a single-part model. Composition or drawing documentation is applied automatically to other environments of the program FEM strength analyses - stress tests, deformations, buckling analysis and shape optimisation. The tested models undergo both static and dynamic load tests, including transition effects and inertia, which allows for the prediction and immediate solution of possible problems related to noise or vibration Machine performance simulation - we prepare visualisations and animations of the devices designed by us. With them we can verify correctness of performance and discover possible collisions. Such materials can also be used for training or advertising purposes Our designs cover all mechanical, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and automatic aspects. Units designed for you can also be manufactured by us. High-current electrical systems Expom manufactures low-voltage (230V, 400V, 690V) electric systems, designed for machines and equipment produced by us or for refitting customers' existing units with electrical equipment. These are high-current systems, supplying power to electric driving, controlling and signalling systems. We offer installation of these systems in marine, offshore, anti-explosion, interference-screed or military applications. We offer installation of electrical systems on: Hoisting equipment Life-boat davits Reloading cranes Offshore structures Containers Expom includes a three-year warranty for electrical systems. Hydraulic systems for marine hoisting devices We manufacture power hydraulic systems for hydraulic drives in marine and offshore hoisting devices. These are systems containing hydraulic motors, cylinder, pumps, batteries and connecting systems, hydraulic pipes and pressure pipes. In addition to the completed device, all finished hydraulic pipes are tested at an in-house test station. Their acceptance is based on the so-called factory acceptance test (FAT), conducted in accordance with a procedure under supervision of a classification society (DNV, ABS, RMRS and others). Hydraulic pipes, in addition to the finished unit, are covered by a three-year warranty. Tests and examination Expom has its own test station for performance of static and dynamic tests of life-boat davits, cranes, winches and winders with the safe work load (SWL) from 900kg to 24,000kg. The station is designed to test prototypes in extreme conditions, as described in the IMO and SOLAS regulation. Because of the stringent requirements and standards in the industries we work for, all electrical materials used for installations have certificates adequate for the international standards in force. Their functionality is tested according to the norms for electric devices, and then the complete units undergo tests according to the commissioning procedure of the naval classification societies (DNV, ABS, BV, RMRS, etc.).