Eurogrit BV is a leader in the field of surface preparation for a wide range of industries including marine and offshore construction, petrochemicals, and shipbuilding. Our advanced products are used for tank coating work, ship repair and on pipelines and tank farms. They are especially effective when used for aluminium and stainless steel surface cleaning and for stone and concrete cleaning and renovations. We are a major manufacturer and supplier of high quality blastcleaning abrasives for surface preparation. Eurogrit's product line comprises a range of expendable slag-based abrasives, as well as high quality recyclable abrasives and specialty abrasives for a wide variety of applications. Eurogrit operates under NEN EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality System Certification, ensuring constant high quality. ALUMINIUM SILICATE ABRASIVES Eurogrit's main product is the renowned expendable abrasive Eurogrit Aluminium Silicate (Coalslag). With a production capacity of over 150,000 metric tonnes, Eurogrit can ensure very short delivery times. Another important product in Eurogrit's delivery program is Euroram Iron Silicate (Copperslag). RECYCLABLE AND SPECIALTY ABRASIVES Eurogrit also supplies a range of recyclable and specialty abrasives such as garnet, olivine, chilled iron grit, steelgrit and steelshot, aluminium oxide, glassbeads, sintergrit and sintershot, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, softblast, dolomite etc. LONG COATING LIFETIME THROUGH SURFACE PREPARATION Iron and steel are prone to rust, the most well known form of corrosion. In order to optimise the working lifetime of expensive installations and components and to create a higher return on investment, iron and steel are usually protected against corrosion by means of one or more layers of protective coating or similar products. A vital part of this coating process is preparation; before a protective coating is applied the surface must be thoroughly prepared to create the best possible adhesion between the surface and the coating. One of the most effective methods of surface preparation is abrasive blastcleaning. Proper surface preparation is essential. Even the best protective coating systems are never better than the quality of the preceding surface preparation. In most cases, premature failure of the protective coating system is caused by improper or sub-standard surface preparation. Eurogrit is specialised in the production and supply of a complete range of high quality abrasives to ensure proper performance of expensive protective coating systems. EXTENSIVE EXPORT BUSINESS A substantial part of Eurogrit's business is export-related, with the company and its products represented in almost all parts of the world. The strategic location of the production facilities in Dordrecht, combined with extensive experience in transport and shipping ensure excellent export and shipping possibilities, for direct delivery to almost any destination in the world. Eurogrit's head office is located in Papendrecht, The Netherlands. The recently modernised and extended production facilities are operated at Dordrecht. SANDBLASTING AND THE HEALTH RISKS INVOLVED Even today, people use the word 'sandblasting'. However, in many cases this description is no longer correct. In the past, sand was used as an abrasive. In The Netherlands, however, the Silicosis Law was enacted in 1957, incorporating the so-called 'Sandblasting Decree'. According to this law it was, from then on, forbidden to use material containing more than 1% free crystalline silica for blastcleaning. Eurogrit BV was one of the first to introduce alternative safe blastcleaning media and has in the meantime become a market leader in The Netherlands as well as abroad. See also Ship Technology - Eurogrit BV - Blastcleaning Abrasives for Surface Cleaning

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