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Essential Safety Strategies’ products are at the forefront of safety and health management, and maintain key principles of being practical, efficient and user-friendly.
Used by organisations in the mining, manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas sectors, Essential Safety Strategies’ products are having a positive impact on the performance of organisations striving for excellence in safety and health management.
Offshore task assessment tool
Safe Task Assessment & Review (STAR) is a task assessment tool designed to assess the level of compliance with your safety management system at the shop floor level. STAR checks compliance with documentation, behaviours, physical conditions and competencies.
The system is designed to comprehensively assess compliance with all key safety and health systems relevant to tasks performed in the workplace, yet it is designed without complexity to ensure thorough and accurate assessments are conducted.
STAR provides a means to immediately rectify non-compliances that present a risk to workers and, through the use of the online database, trends can be identified that will provide a focal point for improvement strategies.
The system also reinforces positive behaviours and compliance with systems, assisting in maintaining high standards. Training in STAR consists of a theory session and a practical session which involves conducting assessments of tasks being performed.
Offshore work area inspection system
Work Equipment & Area Review (WEAR) is an inspection system designed to ensure work areas and equipment do not present unacceptable risk to workers. WEAR assesses compliance with the functional status, general order, access and operability, notification and emergency preparedness of an area or an item of a plant or equipment.
The WEAR system is designed to have a broad range of applications and can be utilised to inspect work areas, fixed plants and mobile plants.
The WEAR database highlights trends that will allow an organisation to focus improvement strategies. The strength of the system is its versatility to inspect any work area, plant or equipment in accordance with safety, health and environmental requirements.
Training in WEAR consists of a theory session and a practical session which involves conducting inspections of equipment, plant or work areas.
Offshore risk management tool
Task Risk Management (TRM) is a risk management tool designed to identify and control hazards at the task level. It is a systematic tool that guides workers through hazard identification and control selection.
TRM can be utilised as a standalone tool to manage risk at the task level or can be utilised to support existing work procedures or JSA / JHAs. Training in the use of TRM will allow participants to identify damaging energies and hazards, and utilise TRM to assist in the selection of control measures.
TRM is well received by workers as it provides prompts at all steps of the process, leading to thorough identification of hazards and selection of appropriate control measures.
Positive performance indicator system for offshore applications
Positive Performance Indicator (PPI) is a system designed to measure positive safety activities through calculation of a positive performance indicator frequency rate (PPIFR). This system allows users to determine performance based on positive actions undertaken rather than just the traditional lagging performance indicators such as the lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR).
The purpose of the PPIFR is to drive forward greater commitment to positive activities that are integral to the management of health and safety.
OHS consulting services
Essential Safety Strategies offers a wide range of OHS consulting services that deliver best practice solutions and quality services. Qualified and experienced consultants provide assistance to organisations to meet the challenge to continually improve the management of safety and health. Our OHS consulting services include:

Project and shutdown safety support
OHS management system development
Safety procedure development
Safety management plan development
OHS continuous improvement
Short-term safety personnel
Safety training package development

For more information on our safety and health management systems or consulting services feel free to contact us.

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