Enigma is a leader in delivering software that improves the efficiency, consistency and profitability of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations and aftermarket sales and service organizations.
Automated publishing and delivery software for parts and services
Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the drilling / mining industry create vast amounts of technical documentation to support their customers, and thus require economical and fast methods of publishing and distributing that service and parts information. Enigma provides software that enables OEMs to automate the process of publishing and delivering product, parts and service information to customers/distributors and also simplifies the process of identifying and ordering aftermarket
Electronic parts and service catalog
If a parts manager, field technician or end-customer doesn’t have fast access to accurate parts and service information, he/she is likely to spend too much time looking for the right part number, order multiple parts in the hope that one of them will work (and ship the rest back), or buy the parts from a different manufacturer or vendor. The more effectively an OEM can provide real-time access to up-to-date parts and service information, the more effectively it can sell parts - and increase market share.
Enigma InService EPC is an out-of-the-box electronic parts catalog solution that delivers accurate service and parts information to customers, dealers and distributors. Dynamic updates let manufacturers instantly deliver the most up-to-date information - such as maintenance manuals, service bulletins, schematics and parts catalogs - to their customers; thereby making it easier for OEMs and distributors to conduct business. By ensuring accuracy and accelerating parts procurement, OEMs can increase their aftermarket share and profitability.
Service and parts information assembly, integration and delivery software
InService EPC delivers service and parts information to the web, DVD, paper and wireless devices. It assembles, integrates and delivers parts and service information for both offline (stand alone) and online usage. It is built on a web-native architecture, using J2EE standards, so that it integrates seamlessly with product lifecycle management, diagnostic, warranty, procurement, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning and other enterprise applications.
Features of the InService EPC electronic parts catalog and MRO software include:

Integrated service information - service bulletins, maintenance manuals, diagrams/schematics and parts catalogs - with the ability to filter by serial number or equipment configuration
Integrations to diagnostic, inventory, procurement and asset management environments for end-to-end service and parts automation
Delivery via the Internet, DVD, wireless, stand-alone (disconnected) and paper
Dynamic, incremental updates via the Internet eliminate DVD shipments

Benefits of the InService EPC electronic parts catalog and MRO software include:

Decreased publishing and distribution costs
Faster part identification and ordering
Reduced parts mis-orders and inventory
Decreased operations costs

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