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Eddelbüttel + Schneider (E + S), established by merchants Heinrich Eddelbüttel and Alfred Schneider in 1925, specialises in the development and the production of water intake systems, dredge hoses and pipe technology. The Phoenix Group acquired a majority holding in E + S in January 1995 and the two companies have enjoyed a close business relationship since. Based on over 80 years of experience, E + S develops individual products for special offshore applications. Our specific and highly developed techniques, in addition to patents, ensure recognition as a leading company in our field in the international marketplace. Rubber components and systems for the offshore industry E + S provides a wide range of rubber components for the offshore industry, as well as supply equipment, which are necessary for hydraulic and pneumatic-operated hauling systems. Our main activities include the following: Design and production of water intake systems for FPSOs, LNG and FLNG Design and production of heavy-duty hoses (flexible joints) for almost every medium, load and strain, especially for hydraulic or pneumatic transporting of suspended solids and other materials Buoyancy systems for floating hose or pipeline and similar operations Rolling bags for overland transport of heavy modules Gate valves and seals for transport lines of suspended solids and other materials Large rubber profiles for various applications (e.g. for lock gates and tunnel sections) Consultation and engineering on planning hauling pipelines and dredging technology High-quality rubber hose manufacture E + S hoses are manufactured in a unique manner, which ensures high endurance. The rubber tubes are reinforced by cord fabrics, which are vulcanised in-between several rubber layers. This makes our hoses both flexible and strong enough to work reliably, even under extreme conditions. The advanced technology of building rubber hoses with built-in steel laminated rubber flanges was started by E + S in the late 1950s. As dredge pumps became more powerful and existing hoses could not withstand the load (because enlarged ends and tied in steel nipples were still in use), flange construction has been steadily improved by E + S over the last 40 years to current high quality levels to meet demands. Dredge hose systems The Eddelbüttel + Schneider name has a worldwide reputation for quality in terms of rubber discharge and suction hoses. Whether you want to haul liquids, granulates or abrasive solids, as a leading innovator we develop and manufacture dredge hose systems that are designed to your specific application. Rubber hose systems for the oil and gas industry As a subsidiary of the ContiTech Group, E + S combines rich product experience in maritime applications of rubber hose systems with the unlimited opportunities of a globally active company. This combination of powerful partners enables us to act quickly and flexibly at any time, especially during major projects around the world. E + S’s main business is design and supply of large-scale hoses for the hydraulic and pneumatic transportation of water-dissolved materials. You will find our products on all the world’s seas – as floating lines on the surface or in cooling water systems pumping seawater from great depths. Tailored high-performance rubber hoses E + S builds rubber hoses specially for your purpose. As applications change, so do the general conditions of your projects. For this reason, E + S has remained true to a principle for over 80 years: together with our customers, we develop high-performance products that are ideally tailored to the concrete project requirements. Rubber hoses for offshore projects Our engineers are driven time and time again to deal with new challenges that lead them to fascinating product innovations. Whether they are ocean currents, sea swell heights, wind influence, the type of strain, or many other factors that arise when working on projects, we can find solutions. Based on many years of practical experience and with a view towards the most economical solution, technologies emerge in our company that are geared to one goal only: the success of your project. Rubber and plastic technology specialists E + S is a member of the ContiTech Group, a specialist in rubber and plastics technology; in particular, the development and production of hoses and hose assemblies. The ContiTech fluid technology business unit is able to control nearly all media flow in cars, trucks and most industrial applications, including offshore activities. ContiTech is a worldwide supplier and partner in coordinated product development. We are represented in more than 140 countries by our subsidiaries, regional sales offices and joint venture partners.

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