Easy Tapper LLC


Need a Branch line? With an Easy Tapper Hot Tap Machine, you can bore into the main line without interrupting service or shutting down the main pipeline. Now, its easy to tap in and pipe out a branch line, or install a vent, draindown, bypass, service port, purge or injection port, even in confined space.

When a piping system is pressurized, you want to keep it that way. You need an Easy Tapper Hot Tapping Machine. The Easy Tapper will save you time and money, and this means no down time for the system or main pipeline. No need to drain down and refill the system after a time consuming tie in. The alternative is to shut down, drain the system, leaving it 'out of service'. Sediment within the pipe system can break loose, due to the drastic pressure drop. Then as the system is repressurized, the sediment can collect at low points, plugging valves, controls, & filters. The additional time can destroy job profits.