DSM Dyneema


DSM Dyneema, the maker of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), branded as Dyneema®, the world's strongest fibre, now has a platform that looks set to replace heavy steel wire rope in even more offshore applications than before. Dyneema DM20 fibre, a grade from the Dyneema Max Technology platform, has unrivalled creep properties to go with ultra-high strength at low weight. Marine fibre ropes Dyneema has more than 20 years of proven success in demanding marine applications, and has been used by a long roster of global energy companies in offshore and seismic applications. With the introduction of ropes made with DM20 fibre, the list of applications is set to grow. The ropes outperform every other mooring rope on the market. They retain the properties characteristic of high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) such as high static strength and stiffness and yarn-on-yarn abrasion resistance, and they are also extremely durable. Offshore fibre ropes Dyneema Max Technology is ideal for deepwater mooring ropes used on oil and gas production facilities. DSM Dyneema has for some time offered fibre suitable for semi-permanent MODU moorings . With its superior creep performance, Dyneema DM20 fibre can also be used in ropes for permanent production moorings. In fact, it completely redefines the capability of HMPE ropes. With their outstanding creep properties, these ropes are ideal for all applications requiring resistance to permanent loads. With a significantly smaller diameter than polyester ropes, low creep, high fatigue resistance and weightlessness in water, mooring ropes made with the new technology offer benefits across planning, system design, logistics, hook-up and installation stages. They guarantee maximum strength over a maximum lifetime, as well as faster handling and improved safety, leading to greater effectiveness and efficiency. They are suitable for use in permanent deepwater moorings well beyond 2000m water depths. Lightweight offshore ropes As the world's demand for energy intensifies, and exploration, drilling, pipe laying and extraction move farther offshore and into deeper, more challenging environments, it is crucial to have lines and ropes that not only can withstand additional stresses but are also easy to transport and manoeuvre. Ropes made with Dyneema Max Technology are stronger than polyester and steel alternatives, but lighter and easier to install. They enable smaller vessels to transport and install mooring systems far quicker and safer than ever before. The new ropes also offer more freedom at the riser design stage of production facilities, as well as a host of other operational benefits. Cost-efficient marine fibre ropes Thanks to the phenomenal strength-to-weight ratio and small diameter of rope made with DM20 fibre, far more rope can now be transported and stored on vessels. Longer ropes, fewer trips and the opportunity to choose from more vessels deliver even more operational cost savings. Mooring lines in DM20 fibre present opportunities for safer, more efficient and ultimately more cost-effective deepwater operations. Development of marine ropes DSM Dyneema values its cooperation and partnerships with leading rope manufacturers and continuously works towards improvements and application developments for the marine industry, including offshore, fishing, aquaculture, lifting, salvage, mooring and towing. To support this endeavour, the company has its own well-equipped testing facilities and is constantly collaborating with institutes, customers and end users.

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