Diogenes Modules


Diogenes Modules provides offshore accommodation and associated peripheral modules, designed and manufactured to relevant standards in the best tradition of German workmanship.
Standardized accommodation modules with intelligent design allow for a wide spectrum of setup solutions from a single room to a whole village. Based on the footprint of a 20ft ISO-standard container, the module format ensures an economical transportation by road, rail and sea – just like any freight container.
By providing transportation, installation and employee services, the successful application of our products can be assured.
Accommodation containers
Accommodation containers from Diogenes offer accommodation of a superior standard, regardless of the surrounding environment, be it on an offshore structure, a seagoing vessel or in an onshore camp. The accommodation containers have the following benefits:

Provide work and living space
Preinstalled telephone, facsimile and LAN wiring to connect to the mother platform or to the Diogenes communication module
Excessive stowage space
State-of-the-art bathroom facilities
Complete home entertainment system
Powerful air-conditioning system; may be combined with a positive pressure ventilation system (G-Major series)
Self-sustained fire-extinguishing system can be provided to complement the platform-bound sprinkler, fire alarm and PA system

Fresh and waste water utility units
Diogenes’ utility units supplement the accommodation setup where fresh and waste water facilities are not available. The low-maintenance utility units provide independent, high-capacity supplies, and contain water treatment and temperature-control devices. Several utility units can be combined to form a larger reservoir.
Offshore communication module
The Diogenes communication module allows communication with home or business partners and is a natural addition to the product range. Equipped with the terrestrial and satellite antenna systems, the communication module provides telephone, facsimile, e-mail, internet and intranet services as well as a satellite TV system. All equipment is retracted and protected during transport.
Customized accommodation, utility and communication modules
In addition to the standard product range, Diogenes offers customized accommodation, utility and communication modules to satisfy individual customer needs. We invite you to contact us with any requirements you may seek to fulfill.
Explosion-proof accommodation modules
The G-Major series of accommodation modules provides high-class accommodation for environments with potentially explosive atmospheres. The modules have a positive-pressure air supply and conditioning system, and a gas detection and overpressure monitoring system.
All emergency equipment and externally installed technical equipment is explosion proof according to ATEX and NEC requirements.
Onshore and offshore accommodation modules
For all deployments in the absence of potentially explosive gases, the G-Minor series is the perfect choice. While the modules are offered at very competitive prices, Diogenes’ high level of quality is not compromised.
Modules with ballistic-proof reinforcement
All modules can be produced in a reinforced variant that provides ballistic-resistant properties.
Industry-standard offshore modules
Diogenes modules are manufactured and certified to relevant standards, regulations and customer-required protocols. This includes Germanischer Lloyd (GL) offshore accommodation container certification to DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079, and Design Standards (certification pending) to DNV 2.7-2, A60 – IMO Fire Class, ATEX95 and NORSOK Z-015.
Offshore module delivery, installation and setup services
Diogenes offers an optional door-to-door global delivery service for the shipment of offshore modules. Once the modules have reached their destination, our experienced staff can be on site during the installation process to ensure that all the equipment and fittings are functional and compatible with the customer’s specific needs.
Employee services
Our experience in the industry has helped in the accumulation of a dependable labor workforce. Cooks, kitchen staff and janitorial services are just a few examples of the qualified staff we can supply to compliment the facilities purchased from us.

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