dGB Earth Sciences


dGB specializes in qualitative and quantitative seismic interpretation software and services. We have offices in Europe, USA and India and agents around the world to serve and advise our clients about innovative geo-scientific software solutions. Our software products: -OpendTect: the Open Source seismic interpretation system and development platform; -GDI:a versatile seismic reservoir characterization toolkit; -TheFaultCube: for imaging fault "probabilities"; -TheChimneyCube: a cube that highlights fluid migration paths; -SSIS: the Sequence Statigraphic Interpretation System. Our services include: Sequence stratigraphic interpretation studies, 3D Wheeler transformed volumes, reservoir characterization and quantitative interpretation using wells and seismic, Fluid migration path interpretation and fault seal analysis, Acoustic and elastic impedance inversion, Seismic Spectral Blueing, AVO modeling and inversion, Sensitivity modeling, 4D studies, Seismic facies mapping

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