Custom Brushes by KD Manufacturing


KD Manufacturing, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of Industrial Brushes and Special Brush Machines. We are experts at designing brushes and brush machines to fit special needs. We make Channel Wound Cylinder Brushes and Metal Strip Brushes in several sizes and different types of strip. Besides Straight Strip, we can fabricate and form strips into: Inside Ring Brushes, Outside Ring Brushes, Cup Brushes, Curved Section Brushes, Spiral Wound Cylinder Brushes and Coil Brushes. We are the leader in short production runs of Wire and Abrasives Brushes, quantities from 1 to 10,000, from straight strip to high precision Wide-face Cylinder Brushes, think of KD Manufacturing first. We can make and trim Cylinder Brushes up to 21? long, any pitch. We can make and repair your cores in our CNC machine and welding shop. We have the latest CNC Balancing Equipment to keep your Wide-face Cylinder Brushes running true and vibration free. This is all done in-house, under one roof. KD Manufacturing - 441 Sawmill Drive - Suwanee, GA 30024