Citadel Technologies Asia Pacific


Citadel Technologies is the leading developer and manufacturer of superior quality, ultra-build, 100 percent epoxy and carbon composite systems for interior and exterior pipe rehabilitation. Our systems allow plant owners and operators to restore corroded/eroded pipe and piping systems to original design without the expense and hassle of extended down-times.

For nine years we have been able to maintain our reputation as leaders, by offering products that are superior to any other composite on the market. Companies who once relied on more primitive repair methods, have now been able to cost effectively repair piping systems with an advanced product that isn't limited to low temperature, low pressure systems.

One of our superior product is Diamond Wrap. DiamondWrap ? is a carbon/epoxy rehab system that provides a custom designed, cost effective solution for the prevention and repair of leaking or corroded piping systems. High temperatures, high pressures, complex geometries, confined spaces and pipes carrying harsh chemicals can all be repaired using the DiamondWrap? system.

DiamondWrap meets requirements of ASME, B31G, PCC, API, AGA and DOT.

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