CAPCIS was established in 1973 to provide an independent industrial focus for knowledge & technology emerging from University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST) & the academic Corrosion & Protection Centre (C&PC;). CAPCIS is now recognised worldwide as a centre of excellence for independent expert services & applied technology in the fields of corrosion & materials sciences.

CONSULTANCY: failure investigation, corrosion control methods, plant audit & risk assessment, contamination assessment & expert witness.

TESTING: materials, coatings, chemical treatment packages etc. in sour, HP/HT, marine & microbiological environments.

MANAGEMENT: corrosion & chemical management, corrosion monitoring, cathodic protection, pipeline integrity & stray current monitoring.

RESEARCH: joint sponsor programmes & product development.

With over 70 staff, supported by the 120 plus postgraduate/academic C&PC;, CAPCIS claims with some justification to be the largest group of its kind in Europe.