Blinex Filter Coat Pvt Ltd


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BLINEX is one of the leading units in Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Abrasion, Heat-Resistant and Non-Stick Coating since 1975 with the latest Foreign Technology and most modern plastic powder coating facilities.
BLINEX FILTER-COAT PVT. LTD. has three divisions viz. Coating/Lining Division, Filter Division and Purifier Division.

BLINEX is manufacturer of entire range of Teflon/PTFE and Fluorocarbon Group of Coating on standard and highly specialized chemical process equipment.
BLINEX also manufactures comprehensive range of PTFE products and lined/Moulded steel pipes and fittings and valves with foreign technical know-how.
BLINEX's PTFE processing facilities and capabilities are available in the Indian market for Chemical, Mechanical and other Engineering Applications.
BLINEX has over the years successfully executed numerous challenging jobs for Offshore, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Textiles and other Process Engineering Industries. A review of BLINEX's list of prestigious clients, the nature and size of jobs undertaken - a number of which has been repeat order-bears testimony to the confidence reposed in BLINEX by Indian Industry.


BLINEX has developed in 1978 for the first time in India a remarkable porous plastic filter, a new filter material for filtering of Water, Chemicals, Air, and Controlled transfer of liquids and also suitable for pneumatic Air filter and silencer.
BLINEX has developed in 1998 the membrane Diffuser and Aerator for wastewater and effluent treatment plants for pollution control.

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