Founded in the 1940s, Bezemer is a family company which is now in its third generation. By retaining independence the Bezemer organisation demonstrates the same strengths and quality of service which has been its hallmark since its inception. Our products include linear winches, drum winches, swivelhead fairleads, roller fairleaders, traction winches, pipe laying machinery and cable laying equipment. Trading mostly on its reputation and assembling a wealth of experience and knowledge, the company has grown to become a vital support for, and a respected partner of many companies engaged in major projects. ADVANCED CABLE INSTALLATIONS Bezemer engineers are continually improving and refining cable laying processes, conventional cables being replaced with fibre optics. These systems require special attention regarding traction, speed of laying, tension combined with ships speed and motion etc. In the multi purpose dynamic vessel Sovereign, launched in October 1991, Bezemer supplied an installation that makes it possible to lay these complex structured cables in adverse sea conditions. PIPE LAYING EQUIPMENT Drawing on many years experience offshore, Bezemer has been instrumental in the development of advanced controlled pipe laying and recovery systems. Pipe laying shows similarities with cable laying particularly in the constant tension control techniques. Bezemer constant tension control is built to interface with different inputs such as load, trim and load compensation by means of accelero sensors. BEZEMER WINCHES, FROM SMALL TO (VERY) LARGE Bezemer sells and rents winches. This special formula has found an enthusiastic response from the market. The Bezemer rental fleet is one of the most complete in the world. The equipment is made by well-known manufacturers with much designed in house. A vast fleet of winches is in stock, ranging from the very simple to the more complex designed for specialist tasks. The Engineering department will design and supervise the construction and installation of winches according to the demands of the customer. FROM SOLID AND SIMPLE, TO EXTREMELY ADVANCED This hydraulic linear winch allows you to handle and move incredible tonnages with confidence. The unique design makes it exceptionally reliable. It is so versatile and so compact that it can be put to work where no conventional winch or lifting device could be placed. It will work vertically, horizontally, under water, practically anywhere. It will grip and pull wire rope loads up to 1000 ton, and is easy to control and maintain. LEVELWINDER Bezemer Dordrecht has developed a hydraulic driven levelwinder/spooling device, which can be placed in front of any drum winch. The traditional (expensive) diamond screw shaft is gone and a standard hydraulic spindle shaft drives a housing containing hardened rollers. A hinged sensing arm placed on the wire relays the required speed and direction of the hydraulic motor by means of a special valve. PIPE PULLING The company owns three 200 ton single line pull twin capstan winches with 2700 mtr. Of 90 mm diameter steelwire, two 200 ton linear winches, one 356 ton linear winch, three 100 ton linear winches, especially designed to serve the industry for shore pull, J-tube and intermediate pipelines pulling. BEZEMER ENGINEERING This specialised department has a dual purpose within the company; working independently for direct customers as well as providing support for the group activities. Although particularly geared to offshore mechanical engineering projects, the designers enjoy a challenge and will produce plans for pipe line systems on board gas, oil or chemical tankers.

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