Bayards is one of the world's leading aluminium construction companies with 50 years of experience in complex structures and close to 30 years in manufacturing and supplying aluminium helidecks for the offshore industry. Bayards offers in-house design, engineering and fabrication of offshore aluminium structures which are the ideal solution for rigs and vessels with weight limitation operating in the marine environment. For the offshore industry Bayards produces and supplies various aluminium structures such as helidecks, Bayards Safedecks, support structures, access systems, helicopter hangars, living quarters, lighting systems, heating systems and firefighting systems. Turnkey helidecks We can supply turnkey helidecks complete with all thinkable outfitting equipments, such as lighting, firefighting systems (including DIFFS), winterisation and refuelling units if required. Bayards' approach in the US is to provide a complete turnkey helideck solution. This means that we design and engineer the entire helideck structure. The helideck is pre-fabricated in our facilities in the Netherlands where after the helideck is shipped as an assembly kit in standard containers to the clients' yard. Upon arrival, we will assemble the aluminium structure with our local assembly crew and install all piping and outfitting equipment, such as lighting and fire fighting. Once the helideck is lifted on the platform or vessel, it is just a matter of plug and play. For clients in Europe, Asia and South America we can supply the helideck in a similar turnkey set up, or as an assembly kit. In either delivery approach, the earlier we are involved in a project the better we are able to assist the client. In this way, the loads and reaction that the aluminium helideck would transmit into the platform or vessel when placed on top or cantilevered out of can be advised. After concluding the engineering phase, Bayards obtains all the required design approvals from e.g. ABS, DNV, Lloyds RS, etc. Helideck assembly kits In case the delivery of a complete helideck is not possible or not preferable, Bayards can supply its helidecks as prefabricated assembly kits. The helideck assembly kits are shipped to any yard or site in the world where assembled by client's personnel under Bayards' professional supervision. Our helideck assembly kits are completely bolted, therefore no on-site drilling, welding or cutting is required, as well as any special tools or heavy cranes. Aluminium helideck support structures Years of extensive experience in building aluminium helidecks and other large aluminium structures have made Bayards an expert in engineering and fabricating complete aluminium helideck support structures. Conventional steel helideck support structures widely used in the offshore industry can weigh up to three times the weight of an aluminium equivalent. In contrast, a Bayards aluminium helideck support structure weighs less than the pancake itself, is maintenance-free and extremely cost-effective due to excellent corrosion resistance. Bayards supplies its aluminium support structures as prefabricated assembly kits and ships in conventional containers to any yard of the world. Fire-suppressing helideck system To provide maximum safety for a landing helicopter, Bayards has developed – in addition to equipping its helidecks with conventional fire fighting systems and/or DIFFS – the new Safedeck system, a helideck with enhanced, passive fire-suppressing performance (please refer to our video for more details). The Bayards Safedeck is now specially designed to optimally drain any (burning) liquids directly through the perforated deck surface. It autonomously and immediately suppresses the fire by combining the effects of removing fuel, cutting off oxygen supply, and cooling. In the sixth edition of UK CAA CAP 437, the use of a passive fire retarding system in combination with seawater DIFFS is highly encouraged. The Bayards Safedeck system has been extensively tested for compliance with this leading standard in the presence of inspectors from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, DNV and ABS. The results prove that the effectiveness of the Bayards Safedeck fully meets the requirements, and is outstanding compared with any other helideck system currently on the market. Complex offshore aluminium structures Designing and building helidecks is an important part of Bayards' business but our capabilities extend much further. We are a specialised aluminium fabricator in the broadest sense of the word, and can design and build complex aluminium alloy structures, such as hydraulically foldable helidecks, hybrid helidecks, helicopter hangars, living quarters, telescopic gangways, etc.

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