Bass Marine


Bass Marine operates a fleet of support vessels for the offshore oil and gas industry, and provides a range of other marine logistics services. Bass Marine has a high standing in the industry thanks to its marine operations experience, which spans three generations, as well as its commitment to equipping and maintaining its support vessels to a level far above the required standards. Bass Marine is based in Port Denison, Western Australia, and welcomes both national and international enquiries. Offshore support vessels Clive James , a versatile offshore support vessel, suits many support operations due to her high speed, shallow draft, open transom and a deck over 9m long. She can carry large, long offshore containers and baskets, and has been proven in tasks including dive operations, ROV operations, side-scan sonar operations, seismic support, transitional seismic gun vessel, sight surveys, exclusion area patrols and standby, marine wildlife investigations, search and recovery, crew transfers, cargo transfers, pipeline tow-ins, wave rider buoy, and current meter deployment and recovery. Storm Front is a highly manoeuvrable offshore support vessel. She has the highest quality plotting, sounding, radar, and communication and navigation equipment. Storm Front has been proven in a variety of offshore activities, including standby operations, seismic support, sight surveys, exclusion area patrols, marine wildlife investigations and many others. Extended-voyage offshore operations vessel Kuri Pearl II is an extended-voyage offshore operations vessel. She can be totally self-sufficient for weeks and has bottom-sitting capabilities. Completely rebuilt in 2008, she has a hydraulic swim platform, twin Caterpillar diesels, John Deere power plants and a desalination plant. Facilities for on-board personnel include reverse-cycle air conditioning and a home theatre system with Foxtel and multiple plasma screens. Proven in dive operations, standby operations, seismic support, side-scan sonar surveys, and accommodation, this extended-voyage offshore operations vessel is also well-suited to many other marine support tasks including ROV operations, deck cargo transport and wildlife investigation. Long-range offshore operations vessel Adrianus is a long-range offshore operations vessel with impressive versatility and load-carrying ability. Her open transom and 7m beam allow her to handle large cargo weighing up to 20t. Equipment includes deck winch, stern roller, removable HIAB, swim platform and powerful power plants. Removable couches create more space for recording and communications equipment. The Adrianus long-range offshore operations vessel has been proven in tasks such as dive operations, ROV operations, seismic support, marine wildlife investigations, search and recovery, crew transfers, cargo transfers, pipeline tow-ins, wave rider buoy, and current meter deployment and recovery. Open-deck modular barge Coming soon to Bass Marine’s fleet of offshore support vessels is an open-deck modular barge with two 16.4m x 3.5m pontoons for easy road transport. Assembly on location takes just hours and creates a 16.4m x 7m flat work area with a deck loading capacity of 2t/m². Offshore support services for oil, gas and marine logistics In addition to its fleet of offshore support vessels, Bass Marine can provide a range of offshore support services for oil, gas and marine logistics. These include offshore supply, ROV support, seismic support, dive support, standby operations, side-scan sonar support and recording, site surveys, wildlife investigation, interaction sighting and recording, and oceanographic support. To find out more about any of these services, or for more information about the company’s versatile offshore support vessels, please contact Bass Marine.