ASL Shipyard


ASL Shipyard owns and operates three yards in Singapore, Batam, Indonesia and Guangdong, China. ASL is a subsidiary of ASL Marine Holdings, a vertically-integrated marine services group principally involved in shipbuilding, ship repairs, ship chartering and other marine services, catering to customers mainly from Asia Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
ASL is customer-centric, focusing on providing a seamless, efficient and convenient service to our customers and providing them with a one-stop solution. Our integrated operations facilitate the seamless and efficient operations of our business divisions.
Shipyard and support services for new builds, conversions and retrofits
ASL provides a comprehensive range of shipyard and support services for new builds, conversions and retrofits. We have established a track record of new builds in specialised niche vessels such as:

Offshore support vessels, including AHT supply vessels, platform supply vessels, offshore maintenance / accommodation vessels, rescue and standby vessels, heavy lift-cum-pipe laying vessels, diving support vessels (DSV), etc.
Accommodation barges, pipe laying / work barges, shallow water jack-up barges, etc.
Commercial vessels including chemical tankers (IMO Class II/III), bunkering tankers, clean and dirty product tankers, and container vessels

Ship repairs for the offshore industry
ASL's drydocking facilities in Batam include a graving dry dock for vessels up to 150,000dwt and a floating dock for vessels up to 20,000dwt for retrofits, conversions, life-extensions and repairs of all types of vessels, including:

Tankers, container vessels, bulk carriers, etc.
Offshore work vessels, dredging vessels, pipe laying vessels, semi-submersibles, etc.
FSOs and FPSOs

Ship chartering services
ASL Shipyard maintains a young fleet of more than a 100 vessels, consisting mainly of tugs and barges that provide marine logistics and service customers from diverse industries, including offshore oil and gas, marine infrastructure, dredging, land reclamation and marine construction works, and also handle the transportation of cargoes such as aggregate and heavy equipment.
New build and ship repairs project facilities
Our yards' infrastructure provides comprehensive facilities for undertaking all types of new building and ship repair projects. The shipyards in Singapore and Batam occupy an area of approximately 37,219m² and approximately 300,000m² respectively.
Our yards are well-equipped with the necessary facilities and equipment for undertaking the new building, conversions, retrofitting and repairs of a wide range of ships / vessels. We have a comprehensive range of cranes of up to 250t in capacity, transporters, fabrication and assembly workshops, NC cutting systems, an automatic blasting system, steel processing machinery, machining centre, a gas and water pipeline, and seawater desalination plant.
Offshore building and repairs logistics and procurement centre
Capitalising on Singapore's strengths in infrastructure, telecommunications, distribution channels and its 24/7, 365 days a year response facilities, ASL's Singapore yard acts as a logistics and procurement centre to provide consistent support to the Batam yard operations on:

Worldwide sourcing for the best competitive rates / costs
Riding on Singapore port as a transhipment centre to ensure on-time delivery of equipment / parts
Providing an in-house regular feed to the Batam yard using our own fleet of vessels
Securing the best quality / owner's requirement for vessel equipment / parts
Tight control of equipment delivery schedule to ensure on-time delivery for customers
Confidence by equipment suppliers on the financial strength of ASL Marine
Back-up technical and engineering support for more complex issues

With the seamless integration of our supply chain management, we offer a one-stop convenient building and repairs centre that capitalises on the strengths of the economy, technology and efficiency of our local and overseas operations.
Indonesian shipbuilding and repairs facility
Batam is an Indonesian island located south of Singapore, some 40 minutes away by ferry. It has a free-trade zone with industrial areas designated specifically for shipyards and developed infrastructure such as roads, telecommunications, utilities and supporting services.
Our Batam yard, with a deep naturally sheltered waterfront, is a comprehensive, newly developed yard facility with a land size of over 30ha. The yard is self-contained and houses a graving dry dock with a 150,000dwt capacity and is capable of accommodating up to cape-size vessels, including certain VLCCs.

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