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Amos International strives to provide sound marine and offshore procurement and logistics management solutions to vessels calling at major Asian ports. Since 2004, Amos International has developed into one of the leaders in the marine supply industry in the South East Asia region.
Marine and offshore logistics and supplies
The people of Amos International are its main asset. Operated by people experienced in marine and offshore logistics and supplies, Amos International has the sourcing expertise to meet the challenging demands of today's shipping and offshore industries.
Through our good relationship with suppliers and the forming of strategic alliances with numerous reputable companies, Amos International has more depth in providing our valued customers with products and services.
Warehousing and transportation services
Amos International offers logistic support, storage, packing and forwarding, ship spares in transit management, collection and delivery of stores, co-ordination and consolidation of materials and other logistic support.
Ship spares storage management
Amos International provides a long or short-term storage facility to ship owners and ship management companies from our warehouse, where spares are booked in and held pending delivery. Our experienced and trained employees ensure that all spares can be tracked whilst held in our care and are delivered on-time.
Amos International launched eAMOS Logistics in April 2009, which enables customers to access real-time information on items that are stored in Amos' warehouse. We are committed to continuously improve and apply 'kaizen' to all processes to provide value-added services to our customers.
Deck, engine, electrical and cabin store supplies
Amos International offers a comprehensive range of deck, engine, electrical and cabin products. Our purchasing department sources products from all over the world to attain good quality products with competitive pricing. Our considerable purchasing power means that we can obtain good quality products with reasonable prices.
Main / auxiliary engine spares
Together with its partners, Amos International offers a wide range of new genuine or OEM spare parts for main and auxiliary engine equipment such as turbo chargers, cylinder liners, pistons, piston crowns, filters and thermometers.
Afloat repairs and engineering services
With our partners, Amos International offers afloat repairs and engineering services at our Singapore anchorage. We provide services for main and auxiliary engines, and main and cargo pumps, as well as turbo charger repairs; testing, repair and service for hydraulic systems; steel, pipe and electric motor repairs and rewinding; re-installation of gangways; crane load tests; and many others.
100% cotton and TC overalls
Amos International offers 100% cotton overalls from Eagle Tuffwear, which are specially designed for all-round practicality. The overalls have extremely high durability and are manufactured from hardwearing 245g/ms.
The TC overall (65% polyester, 35% cotton) is a top seller at Amos International, with an affordable price but no compromise on quality. The overalls are manufactured from hardwearing 245g/ms polyester / cotton.
Flame-resistant overalls
Flame-resistant overalls made from Nomex3A 4.50oz fabrics can stand high temperatures and will not melt when exposed to fire and flame. The fabric's thermal technology resists the hazards associated with electric arcs and flash fires. The overalls perform to the NFPA 2112 standard on flame-resistant garments for the protection of industrial personnel against flash fire.
The Tecasafe Plus 7oz flame-resistant overall with natural fibre provides comfortable, durable, and affordable flash-fire protection to petroleum, petrochemical, fire service, and other professionals working in flammable environments. The overall performs to the NFPA 70E and 2112 standards on flame-resistant garments for the protection of industrial personnel against flash fire.
Fresh, frozen and dry provisions supply
Amos International offers a range of fresh, frozen and dry provision packages for delivery on-board ships. Our supply of seasonal vegetables and fruits is delivered daily to ensure freshness, and our meat products are of reputable brand names and delivered in accordance to strict hygiene and quality standards.
Corrosion control and rehabilitation products
The Corro-Dur range of tropicalized third-generation epoxies provide premium protection in cold, wet, hot and brutal environments. Their adhesion and wear characteristics have proven in severe operational conditions to have few equals above water; however below water they stand alone as the product of choice. TFT coatings are odour free and therefore suitable for confined space applications. They are solvent-free with 0% volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Offshore chains, anchors and ropes
Amos International supplies anchors, studlinks and studless mooring chains. We also provide the installation of anchor chains and anchors at anchorage, and have a comprehensive range of ropes such as nylon, synthetic, mooring and wire.
Fiberglass-reinforced polymer grating
Working with reputable international manufacturers, Amos International offers a high-quality fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) grating with reasonable pricing. The proven products have been installed on lots of reputable marine and offshore platforms.
FRP is lightweight (¼ of the weight of steel grating) and easily installed (heavy lifting equipment is not needed). As a result, there is more allowable weight for other spares and parts in marine and offshore projects. Only general cutting tools are required to cut FRP gratings.

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