AGR Field Operations


AGR Field Operations offers a variety of valuable products and services for field development, operations and operational support of oil and gas infrastructures. AGR is a leading provider of global services and technologies to the oil and gas industry, and also serves the power utilities, nuclear, marine and food processing industries.
Oil and gas infrastructure inspection and integrity services
AGR’s inspection and integrity services focus on the required management systems, procedures and activities to attain and maintain the prescribed levels of technical integrity. AGR’s services consist of:

Integrity management; a comprehensive program designed to aid facilities in managing their operations safely; the standard applies to all stages of the design and capital value process (CVP)
Specialised technology; our pipeline inspections include internal pipeline inspection, external pipeline inspection, non-intrusive inspection, laser video inspection and tubing and flange inspection
Inspection services; AGR has over 100 qualified, experienced engineers and technicians, and provides services within rigs, non-destructive testing, in-service inspections and verification, and the testing and certification of lifting equipment

Oil and gas facility maintenance management programs
AGR provides its clients with a total maintenance management solution in one integrated package. It delivers programs and plans into its clients' computerised maintenance management systems. AGR’s services consist of:

Maintenance engineering; a total maintenance management solution in one integrated package
Corrosion management; through the SOLVE concept, based on a methodical and detailed recording of total maintenance scope, surface condition and other relevant data of corrosion management, AGR has given its customers a substantial documented profit in terms of cost savings, increased efficiency and improved safety-barrier control
Programmes and plans for computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS), ensuring that operators and maintenance staff receive work orders and programmes prior to plant start-up

Oil and gas structure project management and engineering
AGR’s consultants can handle all types of projects from early phase conceptual development, major developments and modifications to removal. The company covers all disciplines in the field of project management, including:

Resource management
Cost management
Change management
Uncertainty management

Operations and maintenance support
AGR cost-effectively operates, maintains and provides managerial and technical operations and maintenance support. The company’s competitive advantage comes from its ability to maintain an operational culture where risk identification and improvement are embraced as a top priority. AGR’s capabilities include:

Managerial support
HSEQ monitoring
Facility operations personnel
Maintenance execution
Technical support
Risk management
Regulatory compliance

Subsea equipment testing services
AGR maintains, refurbishes, prepares and tests subsea equipment prior to deployment on the drilling rig or offshore installation vessel. It offers an extensive range of structural and civil engineering skills, covering process equipment, structural decks and ancillary structures that are subjected to marine motions, as well as Greenwater loads on FPSOs or FSOs, and semi-submersible platforms.
AGR has an extensive range of subsea flexible flowline, umbilical, mooring, FPSO buoy and riser systems design engineering, procurement and installation experience.
Alternative energy consulting services
Using knowledge gained from core activities in the oil and gas sector, AGR works to develop innovative and profitable technological solutions for its clients. Its areas of expertise are:

Wave energy
Enhanced geothermal systems
Coal mine degasification
Coal seam gas commercialisation
Alternative energy consulting