Acutec helps ship, boat and yacht operators achieve a cost-effective and reliable network of broadband marine satellite internet and TV at sea. Based at Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Acutec primarily serves the Australian and Asia Pacific markets.
We are a sales and support agent for Sea Tel, the world's leading supplier of marine satellite communications and television antennas, and their global distribution and support network.
Maritime very small aperture terminal (VSAT) antenna system
Acutec provides the Sea Tel 06 series of rugged and dependable Ku‐band maritime very small aperture terminal (VSAT) antenna systems for offshore applications. With a Sea Tel 06 series stabilised VSAT antenna, users benefit from a high speed, dependable internet connection for a fixed monthly fee. It allows crew on all classes of floating facilities, including support and survey boats, FPSOs, and semisubmersible rigs, to stay connected to reliable
and fast broadband and telephone.
The Sea Tel 06 series of VSAT antenna has the following benefits:

Efficient backfire feed assembly; no blockage from components in front of the dish
Three‐axis stabilization; points and tracks to within 0.2°
Choice of 1.0m or 1.5m main reflector
Interfaces to virtually any heading sensor
Built-in GPS for fast and accurate targeting
FCC and satellite‐operator approved
Unlimited azimuth; no signal interruptions due to unwrap
Rugged 1RU 19in rack-mounted below-deck unit
Built‐in web server for monitoring and control
Compatible with service providers worldwide
Purchase or lease available

High speed and cost-efficient offshore internet connection
Traditional satellite systems with their per-minute or per‐megabyte charges encourage a minimalist approach to communications. Even with careful management, monthly bills of tens of thousands of dollars are common. As well as predictable and low costs, the Sea Tel 06 series of VSAT antenna systems provide users with fast speed. Data rates are up to 24 times that of Fleet 77(1) or 3.5 times that of Fleet Broadband(2).
VSAT antenna for improved offshore communication
With Sea Tel VSAT, crew, owners and charterers can benefit from improved communication. The ability to move data quickly and reliably, while not worrying about the cost of a phone call, improves productivity as well as morale. IT infrastructure offshore can be directly connected to company networks, which simplifies management and allows users access to critical corporate and public data just as if they were onshore.
Flexible VSAT airtime plans
Acutec offers a range of flexible Sea Tel VSAT airtime plans for the Internet and public telephone systems, with commitment from as low as one month and varying data speeds, coverage areas and costs. We work hard to understand customer requirements and advise on the best plan.
Maritime internet airtime plans
Combined with a suitable antenna, Acutec’s maritime internet airtime plans provide fast, flexible and reliable broadband data and telephone service to vessels all over the world. Services are designed for all commercial vessels and private yachts whose success depends on effective communication.
New Zealand and Australian maritime internet service
Our New Zealand and Australian maritime internet service covers coastal waters up to 1,000nm offshore. The service includes two local Australian telephone numbers and broadband internet speeds of up to 1,536kbit/s for simple, low cost communications offshore.
The New Zealand and Australian maritime internet service offers iDirect web acceleration and QoS and a low contention ratio.
Asia-Pacific maritime internet service
Acutec’s Asia-Pacific maritime internet service provides extensive coverage from Singapore almost to the continental US. With a suitable ku-band 4006 or bigger antenna, vessels can benefit from broadband internet and low-cost local telephone connections many thousands of miles offshore. The maritime internet service package includes iDirect web acceleration and QoS.
Global multi-regional airtime service
We provide a multi-regional service from Sea Mobile for large private yachts that operate globally or smaller commercial vessels with a similar requirement. Used by the vast majority of the world’s cruise ship fleet, Sea Mobile provides the best service and support levels available in the industry.
Internet equipment and bandwidth leasing service
Acutec offers a managed equipment and bandwidth leasing service, which incorporates ship antennas and terminal equipment, TV distribution and/or Ethernet network equipment, annual preventative maintenance, service level agreement and technical support. These are tailored to customers’ specific needs but usually span a period of three or five years.
Marine satellite communications service and support
Acutec offers marine satellite communications and TV equipment service and support. We have a methodical and proven approach to troubleshooting and the repair of equipment, and use factory-trained professionals where possible.

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