Acting Up


Acting Up, a unique training service that uses emotion to change safety behaviour, is available globally in multiple languages and is pertinent to all cultures. Our monologues and workshops have the human cost of safety at their core. They are totally unique and are described by our health and safety partners as a breath of fresh air.
Acting Up performs at heliports and in offices, conference rooms, hotels and rigs. We design afresh or provide material we have already tried and tested. We work with specific behavioural issues as laid out by the client and tailor our work to tackle particular corporate behavioural problems that compromise safety.
Offshore behavioural safety training
Safety behaviour cannot be changed unless a change takes place in the heart. But how do you get emotional with the guys in hard hats? Acting Up produces highly emotive safety stories of lives affected by accidents. These stories are presented live, using real language, by the wives, friends, colleagues, children, etc. of industrial workers.
Unique offshore safety training
Acting Up’s safety monologues send a powerful message to professionals. They give a taste of what could come in life. They memorably illustrate the fact that the time to stop the ripple effect of a safety incident is now - through changed safety behaviour. It is not the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) department that will save your life. It is you.
We perform 10min monologues with a jaw-dropping impact that will stay in the mind forever - stories that make safety behaviour PowerPoints seem pointless. With real emotion and bottom-line consequences, our monologues illustrate the human cost of a safety incident and awake the viewer to the potential for personal loss when you let your guard down for a second.
Offshore behavioural safety workshops
Acting Up has a series of edgy workshops available in real working language, which tackle how best to intervene, give good tool box talks, get people to open up and bring out the best in their team.
Safety intervention and communication skills
Our safety behaviour workshops give delegates a chance to use their personalities and deal with personal safety attitudes without being corporate. They include raw, real intervention skills for workers as well as communication skills. For instance, professionals can learn how to have a soft touch in a hard industrial environment, and how to get what matters through to people without offending or being offended so that safety behaviour can shine.