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Abbey Gritblasting Services (AGS) Coatings has over 25 years’ experience in grit and bead-blasting preparation of both newly fabricated products and equipment in need of refurbishment. AGS provides all types of anti-corrosion protective coatings suitable for even the harshest environments.
AGS is proud of its ability to meet specific requirements and the deadlines of its most discerning clients. Over the past 25 years, AGS has built-up a large resource of knowledge and is therefore able to advise on suitable specifications to meet the challenges of particular environments.
Pre-coating preparation for gritblasting and bead-blasting
AGS’ preparation service is second to none. The company uses grit and bead-blasting technology, which meets the SA 2-SA3 standard, to remove the long-term build up of paint and corrosion, leaving surfaces ready for new finish coatings.
AGS regularly works on the refurbishment of valve bodies, pump bodies, filter bodies, pipes, vessels and sub frames that have spent many years working in the harsh marine environment.
Anti-corrosion protection coatings
Metal and thermal spraying protects and greatly extends the life of a wide variety of equipment in the most hostile of environments where the coatings are vital for longevity. The variety of metalized coatings is vast but can be broken down into two main categories:

Finish coatings such as anti-corrosion or decorative coatings
Engineering coatings such as wear resistant and thermal barrier

AGS’s offshore baseplate is finished to company specification and is sprayed in the company’s large dedicated spray shop.
At its depot, AGS is able to handle single items of equipment up to 40t and has a large undercover storage area. If damaged or weak areas are discovered whilst carrying out preparation and blasting of equipment, AGS have the facilities on site for heavy engineering repair work, including coded welding.
Airless spray gun
AGS' airless spray gun operates connected to a high pressure pump using up to 6,000psi pressure. This type of system is used to paint heavy duty industrial, chemical and marine coatings and linings.
AGS ensures high quality, durable products with the highest protection in the harshest of environments by using the three leading paint manufacturers in the market.
Delivery, palletizing and protective packaging
AGS offers a full collection and delivery service, together with palletizing and protective packaging. Its depot is situated with easy road links to the UK east coast ports of Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Felixstowe, Ipswich and Harwich.

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