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  • Yu yuan
  • 上海黄浦江边 Shanghai Huangpu River shore
  • A street in the french quarter
  • 生命 Life
  • Tomorrow plaza
  • Shanghai Pudong _my contest 10-08
  • Nanjing Road
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  • 浦東世紀廣場·繽紛夜景 Century Square,Shining LED Kites,Colourful night scenery of Pudong in Shanghai
  • The Bund @ night
  • 上海企業聯合館·光之魔方 Shining Cube,Shanghai Corporate Pavilion
  • World Trade Center @ night
  • Top of Jin Mao Tower(金茂大厦) from FWFC
  • ★☆☆璀璨陸家嘴 Resplendent Lujiazui
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  • 上海黄浦江边 Shanghai Huangpu River shore
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  • Lu Jia Zui 陆家嘴
  • Dragon @ Yu Yuan garden
  • Shanghai Skyline
  • Lujiazui.Evening view.
  • 家乡美 Beautiful Homeland
  • 外白渡桥
  • 城市灯光 City lights
  • A Busy Xing
  • 上海海关 Shanghai Customs, PRC.