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  • Stone Church at Clark's harbour
  • Great White Egret and Heron
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  • House at the Hawk
  • Blue on Blue
  • Sunrise Over Salt Marsh
  • Rock Music
  • Daniel's Head, September
  • Ready for the Season
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  • Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia
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  • Fish Island
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  • Going Down Again
  • Lower Clark's Harbour, NS
  • Drowned Forest Close Up
  • After the Storm
  • Sea Gull
  • Sun Bathing
  • Fish Boats at Clark's Harbor, Cape Isl
  • Ocean with fences
  • Before the storm, July 2012
  • Tip of the Hawk
  • The Hawk
  • Lower Clark's Harbour< NS
  • Foggy Morning
  • Seaman's Memorial
  • Sunrise, Cape Sable Island, NS
  • Irving Lives Here
  • Twinkles on a rock, Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia
  • Willet on Beach, The Hawk, Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia
  • Storm.
  • Hawk beach streams confluent 1
  • The Hawk Beach
  • Cape Light