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  • Canada United States Border Crossing (1) - Bluewater Bridge (Sarnia, ON ~ Port Huron, MI)
  • Moment in History Extra: Season 2 Ep. 21 'The Port Huron / Sarnia Tornado of 1953"
  • CN 501 into Sarnia - Port Huron Tunnel [HD]
  • Port Huron / Sarnia 2014 International Offshore Powerboat Race
  • CN 503 Departs Sarnia for Port Huron [HD]
  • STRANGE SOUND Coming from the Ground in Port Huron, MI Sarnia, ONT Area
  • 2007 Port Huron to Sarnia Bridge Run- Running Canada
  • BCOL & BLUE DEVIL! CN M331 Port Robinson Yard - Sarnia Yard, CN Dundas Sub
  • Sarnia / Port Huron International Offshore Powerboat Festival 2014
  • Port Huron-Sarnia International Power Boat Race
  • CN 331 Port Robinson - Sarnia, Grimsby VIA station, CN Grimsby Sub
  • CN 331 west, Port Robinson - Sarnia, CN Grimsby Sub, mile 33.74, Glover Rd, Winona
  • Port Elgin Pumpkinfest 2012 Sarnia Street Machines 2012 - 16
  • Sarnia Real Estate Mark Reynolds, 4673 Cresent Dr. Port Lambton
  • Port Huron - Sarnia International Powerboat Race
  • 2012 Port Huron/Sarnia International Offshore Powerboat Race
  • BCOL! CN M331 Port Robinson Yard - Sarnia Yard, CN Grimsby Sub
  • Train Video #3 - CN (Port Huron/Sarnia)
  • Port Huron,Mi Sarnia,On Bordercrossing.AVI
  • DSCN1014 sarnia-port huron international offshore powerboat race 2013 # 1
  • CN 382 east coming from Port Huron and into Sarnia. Aug 27 2011
  • CN 8829 leads a freight into Sarnia, Canada from Port Huron, MI w/ P5 and BC Rail C40-8CM! 7/27/14
  • Port Elgin Pumpkinfest 2011-Sarnia Street Machines -12
  • Sarnia/Port Huron Bridge from Canada
  • Class 6 Power Boat Race Port Huron-Sarnia International
  • Dragons
  • Algoway downbound
  • Coast Guard Cutter "Hollyhock"
  • Chemical Valley, Ontario
  • Blue Water Bridge Port Huron
  • Sarnia downtown waterfront and distant factories at twilight
  • Lake Huron at Port Huron
  • Canatara Beach and park , Sarnia , Ontario,  Canada
  • Blue Water Bridge on a November Day
  • Winter Sky in the Harbor
  • Sarnia, Chemical Valley, Ontario
  • Chemical Valley, Ontario
  • Retired Lightship
  • Sarnia Harbor wintering freighters
  • Canadian National 6069
  • Sarnia Chemical Valley, Fishing Day
  • Afternoon
  • Military Street, Port Huron, Michigan
  • Fort Gratiot Lighthouse with Blue Water Bridge in background
  • McMorran Center
  • Grand Trunk RR Locomotive Shop
  • The Bluewater Twins, Sarnia, Ontario , Canada
  • View from Vantage Point across the river into Canada (see below) / Ein Blick ueber den Fluss nach Kanada (siehe unten).
  • Canadian border
  • The Chemical Valley ,  back of the old $10 bill
  • Thunderstorm Bridge
  • Blue Water Bridge and Freighter
  • Connecting Michigan and Ontario
  • Port Huron Marina
  • From Canada to USA @ Sarnia
  • Chemical Valley, Ontario
  • Mini Bridges
  • Chemical Valley, Ontario
  • December sun on Fort Gratiot Lighthouse / Dezember Sonne auf dem Leuchtturm
  • Gordon C. Leitsch Bow
  • Port Huron Mansion, over 100 years old
  • Huron Lightship and Phillip R Clarke (stern) St. Clair River
  • Sarnia, ON, Canada
  • When the day comes to a close / When der Tag zu Ende geht
  • ...and the economy must be fed...freighters don't take a vacation in this nice weather.
  • Der Gueterzug bringt Getreide ans Dock fuer die Frachter, die nach zweimonatiger Ruhezeit geladen werden.///Train transporting goods to be loaded into the freighters in the harbor basin.
  • Historic Home, Port Huron, Michigan
  • Night time glitter / N├Ąchtliches Funkeln (see Stats below)
  • November under the bridge, no more boats.
  • Pollution
  • Pere Marquette Railroad's Boat Yard
  • Great Lakes Ore boat SS Halifax
  • Port Huron
  • Federal Yoshino, Panama. Die "Salties" sind wieder hier. Ahoi aus Michigan
  • Man made! Refineries in Canada