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  • Prescott Grain Elevator
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  • Bytown and Prescott Railway (B&P) opened in 1854, renamed the Ottawa and Prescott Railway (O&P) in 1855, and then St.Lawrence and Ottawa Railway (St.L&O) in 1867, ran from Ottawa to a  ferry on the St.Lawrence River and onto American trains.  This was one of the first railways in Canada, it made it's first run to Ottawa on Christmas day in 1854.  It was leased to CP in 1881 for 999 years.  The line was abandoned in 1995.  Is CP still paying rent?  Looking south.
  • Ogdensburg Lighthouse
  • battery park
  • Dreaming
  • Coast Guard ship
  • Marina
  • St-John's - Abandoned and for Sale ...
  • St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Prescott On.
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  • Ogdensburg Bridge in the evening
  • Great Blue Heron
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  • Prescott, ON
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  • The breakwater and lighthouse
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  • Ogdensburg-Johnstown Bridge
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  • Passing train in Prescott
  • Port of Prescott, Railway Crossing, Ogdensburg Bridge
  • Prescott grain elevator.  A boat load of rock salt is being unloaded from Windsor, and will be trucked to Ottawa  and other communities for use next winter on icy roads.  Five piles of salt covered with black tarps can be seen in the satellite photo.  One pile  is 200 m. long and 50 m. wide.  The salt deposit is 35 m. thick, 550 m. deep, it was deposited 430 million years ago. The Sifto mine produced 9 million tons a year.   It was discovered in 1967, and now provides 45 % of Canada's salt.
  • Prescott Grain Elevator, Prescott, Ontario
  • Prescott
  • Looking east at the blue church