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  • The Deathies - Come On, Smell The Harbor/Ode To St. Johns NL
  • The Deathies - Mammoth Of Babylonia
  • "Imma Newfie" John.E.Memphis . Newfoundland Pride, Hip Hop Video .2009
  • The Deathies - Brain Damaged Youth 2006 (Remix)
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  • Kickin It for Memorial Day 2011@E St Louis,IL
  • Lush's Bight NL
  • Beaumont,NL
  • Pilley's Island Arch
  • Anglican Cemetery of Long Island, Long Island, Newfoundland
  • Beothuk Trail, Long Island
  • Iceberg tours
  • Ferry Crossing
  • Whale
  • Saltwater Pride pass iceberg
  • Swimming Lake, Long Island, Newfoundland
  • Notre Dame Bay
  • Beaumont Post Office, Beaumont, Newfoundland
  • In The Harbour
  • Ice burg along Long Island viewed from Brighton
  • Iceburg
  • Beaumont looking across the arm.
  • Lushs bight
  • Southern Point Skeleton Tower, Lushes Bight, Newfoundland
  • Some of the Colbourne & Slade Houses
  • Out one of the Harbours
  • Clouds Over The Bight
  • Clouds Over The Bight 3