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  • Waiting for Dinner
  • Cliffs of Gabriola
  • Sea Lion on a log boom at Harmac, Nanaimo Harbour
  • Sleeping Sea Lion at Harmac, Nanaimo
  • Duke Point Ferry Terminal
  • House at Dodd Narrrows, with Bald Eagle
  • Port of Nanaimo - Crane
  • Nawitka's Sailing dinghy
  • Nawitka's sailing dinghy near north end of Dodd Narrows, Gabriola Island
  • Nanaimo harbour seen from Biggs Park on Jack Point
  • Nanaimo, Mojo,  beach
  • Big Red Crane cost $1.00
  • Boat Harbour Marine
  • Lumber Mill
  • Holden lake
  • Tiny cove north of Descanso Bay...
  • Cable Bay Trail
  • Straight of Georgia just before Dodds Narrows (Mudge Island)
  • Hemer Provincial Park
  • Free Car Rince
  • Welcome to Nanaimo...
  • Mudge Island as seen from Cedar on Vancouver Island
  • mountain and ocean in dusk
  • Looking north along the shore just past the ramp at Cedar-by-the-Sea - Nanaimo
  • Jack Point light guides traffic through Northumberland Channel, past Gabriola Island...
  • Bulldozer on the Chip Yard
  • Booms and Barges
  • End of a Colliery
  • exit lane
  • Port of Nanaimo - Crane
  • Interesting carving in Biggs Park on Jack Point
  • Cable Bay Trail
  • Dodds Narrows with view on Mudge Island
  • Peeled Poles go by ferry
  • Oddly shaped tree along the trail in Hemer Park by Holden Lake
  • Footpath through Biggs Park, Jack Point in Nanaimo
  • Bull kelp and ferries...
  • Descanso Bay Regional Park...
  • Duke Point ferry terminal (BC Ferries) as seen from Jack Point in Biggs Park, Nanaimo
  • Jack Point peninsula...
  • Duke Point Sunrise
  • Round Island off Cedar-by-the-Sea - Nanaimo
  • Hemer Park
  • Dodd Narrows
  • Norwegian Pearl ~ 1st Cruse Ship to dock in Nanaimo, BC
  • Bucking the tide: seen from Cable Bay Trail
  • Looking northwest through Dodd Narrows
  • Footpath through Biggs Park, Jack Point in Nanaimo
  • Holden Lake, Hemer Provincial Park
  • Looking along the Jack Point peninsula...